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Officers for the 2011-2012 academic year are:

President  Jocelyn Paonita 
Senior Vice President  Kevin Maas 
Vice President, Pledge Education  Mary Gotschall 
Vice President, Public Relations  Kyle Ritter 
Vice President, Finance  Emy Zamora 
Vice President, Chapter Operations Katherine Gause 
Vice President, Professional Activities  Rachel Evans 
Vice President, Community Service  Keaten North
Vice President, Scholarships & Awards  Jenn Frazee 
Vice President, Faculty & Alumni Relations  Lindsay Wille 
Vice President, Fundraising  Sam Passig 
Vice President, Interfraternal Relations  Korey Smith 
Chancellor  Tyler Bullard 
Historians  Robin Neumayer
Caleb McRady 
Spring Fling Chairs  Seema Harpalani
Amanda Cartledge
Melissa Grooms 
Social Chair  Paige Bachety 
Webmaster  Lucas Hogue 
Faculty Advisor  Patrick D. Hanly 
District Director  Liz Flood