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American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the largest professional association for marketers in the United States, featuring more than 30,000 members across 76 professional and 250 collegiate chapters.

At the University of South Carolina, we pride ourselves in providing an enriching and enjoyable atmosphere that leads to the personal and professional growth of our members.  Every month brings new events with speakers, games, real world projects, and much more!  For more information about what AMA can offer you, please visit our website at or email us at

EXECUTIVE BOARD  (2014-2015)

 President Megan Green
 Faculty Advisor
Mark Newsome
 VP of Finance:
Lorenzo Montali
 VP of Advertising & Public Relations:
Michael Brandewie
 VP of Communications:
Bridget Hannigan
 VP of Community Service:
Laura Simpson
 VP of Corporate Relations:
Becca Giller
 VP of Finance-Elect:
Lorenzo Montali
 VP of Fundraising:
Ali Fenno
 VP of Information Technology:
Jordan Orr
VP of Sponsorship: Casey Johnson
 VP of Membership:
Nancy Harrill
 VP of Community Programming:
Becca Giller


Our chapter is proud to have been recognized for our performance, participation, planning, and activities.  Here is a listing of a few of our awards:


  • Outstanding Chapter Planning
  • Honorable Mention in Marketing Week Activities


  • Outstanding Chapter Planning
  • Outstanding Communications
  • Outstanding Marketing Week Activities


  • Outstanding Chapter Plan
  • Outstanding Fundraising


Applications for new members are accepted at the beginning of each semester during a week where we showcase the great opportunities and benefits associated with membership in AMA. See our contact page if you are interested in joining.

Your membership in AMA offers more than just a fun club. You will also get the chance to:

  • Hear from experienced marketing professionals
  • Gain real-world experience through a variety of projects
  • Network with both peers and professionals across the country
  • Compete in a variety of competitions
  • Attend the International Collegiate Conference
  • Receive 9 issues of Marketing News, the AMA's digital magazine
  • Attend a large variety of marketing seminars and webinars available exclusively to AMA members

Find out what else we have to offer when you visit us at or email us at