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Required Health Insurance Coverage

Graduate students enrolled in nine (9) or more hours and all international students are required to have health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.

The USC policy is administered under a hard-waiver program. Students will be enrolled in the University-sponsored insurance plan unless they present evidence of alternative coverage to the Health Insurance Assistance Office of Thomson Student Health Services. The hard-waiver proof must be submitted each semester the student is enrolled. It is recommended that, as a minimum, alternative insurance plans provide coverages and benefits similar to the University-sponsored plan. To view the University-sponsored plan go to:

If you are an international student, please go to this URL for additional information about your health insurance requirements:

Immunization Requirement

Incoming Students must show proof of immunization to be able to register for classes. This is done by completing the immunization form and submitting it to the Immunization Office of the Thompson Student Health Center.  Click here for more information.