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MHR Association

The Master of Human Resources Association is an organization designed to further the networking between current students and alumni of the MHR program. The purpose of the organization is to foster relationships and encourage students to interact in social settings. Through the participation in MHRA, students partake in activities such as tailgating, bowling, happy hours and other sporting events in order to maintain the work-life balance between school and social activities in a professional setting.


President  Jessica Farrar
Vice President  Jamison LeGrand
Treasurer  Taylor Lawrence
Fundraising Chair  Perry Perkins
Secretary  Kendall Smith
Advisor  Sally Fulkert

Student Quotes

“The Master's of Human Resource Association is an organization of individuals that are constantly re-developing themselves and the community around them. Our goal is to build a strong community based on Human Resource principles. We are inspired to reach these goals by connecting with faculty, networking with HR leaders and collaborating with our peers. Once these goals are achieved, we envision stronger relationships, more success, and an overall positive experience". -Paul Perruzza, Class of 2013, MHRA President

“As a Human Resource professional, a vital part of your career will involve networking within your organization and with other HR professionals. MHRA is a great way to jump start this aspect of your career and start building meaningful relationships through a variety of fun and relaxing activities.” - Jen Wright, Class of 2013, MHRA Vice President