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Consulting Club


The Consulting Club is an organization dedicated to educating students at the Darla Moore School of Business about the consulting industry and various consulting methodologies. The group seeks to assist students in the development of consultative approaches to problem solving that can be applied in any career field. We also pursue recruiting and functional project opportunities when available.

What is Consulting?

A consulting firm makes money from giving advice. These firms are hired by companies who need a third-person perspective, expert advice or want to outsource a temporary project. Some consulting firms specialize in giving advice on management and strategy, while others are known as technology specialists. Consulting firms look to hire intelligent, flexible individuals who already have a competency or who are trainable in the firms methodology. There are small consulting firms that have a laser-like focus on a particular industry and function while large firms pride themselves on being a one-stop consulting company.

What We Do

The Consulting Club collaborates with key players in the industry to enhance the experience of our club members. This partnership benefits both parties – the students learn first-hand from practitioners about careers in consulting and the firms are offered unique exposure – the chance to interact outside of the rigor of the formal recruiting process with some of the most capable international business students in the country.

For many years, the Moore School has been a great source of talent to the corporate community. The Consulting Club has an average membership of over 30 students. Students come from various industry backgrounds and have a shared passion for consulting, problem solving and long-term client impact. Our partnership puts you in close contact with these accomplished, diverse, and highly motivated students.


Faculty Advisor Dr. David Schweiger


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