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Moore School Entrepreneurship and Finance Lessons Put to Use Saving Lives

February 04, 2013

The Watsi website describes IMBA student Howard Glenn as someone who “knows his way around a spreadsheet and has a knack for turning dreams into numbers.” Those skills are tested every day in his job as co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of this start-up charity. Watsi, the brainchild of co-founder Chase Adam, provides critical medical treatments for people living in poverty in the third world.

Gift from software giant SAS seeds Moore School's new analytics initiative

January 23, 2013

A generous gift from N.C.-based SAS is helping the Moore School launch an analytics institute that will prepare USC students for the wide range of jobs experts expect to be available in analytics across a number of industry sectors.

Walmart’s sustainability strategy leads to B-school teaching

December 18, 2012

In 2005 Walmart made history when then-CEO Lee Scott announced a bold sustainability strategy that would impact every aspect of its business. Along the way business researchers from the University of South Carolina and the University of Arkansas were given unprecedented access to study the process.

Holiday Career Moves: Why It Matters, How to Craft the Perfect Introduction in Under 10 Minutes

December 11, 2012

Want to ring in the New Year with more business, new clients or a new job? The holidays can be an optimal time to find new opportunities and make the most of them. Discover how.

Trio of ventures win big in The Proving Ground

November 15, 2012

International MBA student Howard Glenn presented Watsi—a nonprofit venture that tells the stories of people living in poverty who need low-cost medical treatment. Watsi provides a way for people to help pay for those treatments. He pitched his team’s concept in a five-minute format before a panel of judges and capacity crowd at the Darla Moore School of Business.

Conversations and connection: Best practices for using LinkedIn

October 31, 2012

Tips for proper use of LinkedIn.

Moore School student featured in book of teen entrepreneurs

October 29, 2012

Pedro De Abreu was recently featured in Sabirul Islam's book, “Young Entrepreneur World: How 25 Teen-Trepreneurs Succeeded and Left World Leaders Scratching Their Heads,” for his accomplishments in business and philanthropy.

Not just a number: Phil Bartlett lives classroom lessons

October 26, 2012

“It’s a typical story in that a lot of freshmen arrive here wide open with so much freedom. There was no one asking me whether I was OK or what was going on. That’s why I like teaching U101. It’s about building a relationship with students,” said Bartlett, who co-teaches a U101 class and has taught a senior capstone course in strategic management at the Darla Moore School of Business since 1999.

Boeing CSO: Putting out fires is just one part of the job

October 25, 2012

Dave Komendat oversees the largest private fire department in the world. As vice president and chief security officer (CSO) for The Boeing Company, he heads up a 2,000-person unit of security and fire professionals that tackles the increasingly complex task of providing risk management services to a vast company with customers in 150 countries.

Wright named to Moore School endowed chair

October 11, 2012

In an Oct. 4 investiture ceremony at Rutledge Chapel on the Columbia campus of the University of South Carolina, Patrick Wright was invested as the Thomas C. Vandiver Bicentennial Chair in Business.