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Undergraduates Rally to Win International Case Competition

April 19, 2010

Moore School Places First at Royal Roads International Case Competition for Second Consecutive Year

During the week of March 18-20, four Moore School undergraduate students—first-year Sarah Genay, third-years Saidah Grimes and Tim Davis, and fourth-year Michael Roglitz—competed in the Royal Roads International Case Competition in British Columbia. The University of South Carolina’s case team won for the second consecutive year, quite a feat considering that the annual contest features representatives from some of the most prestigious business schools in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

The competition is a round-robin tournament in which business students apply analytical, decision-making, and communication skills to issues raised in business cases distributed to them before each round. They are then given three hours to consider the case, put together a 20-minute presentation detailing strategic choices and recommend a plan of action. The teams are not allowed to use books, Internet or other outside sources.

The final presentation is delivered to a panel of judges composed of various business executives who then cross-examine the contestants during a question-and-answer session. Teams are judged on creativity, insight and real-world applicability of their analysis and presentations.

The contest commenced on Thursday and continued through Saturday, with each team facing three cases. The Gamecock team experienced trouble in the first case; according to the judges, they focused too much on the analysis and not enough on their actual implementation of the solution. After the first round, they found themselves near the bottom of the rankings, in 13th place.

With the pressure on, the young South Carolina team rallied. In the final two rounds, they delivered two of the highest ranked presentations of the entire competition, securing a second championship. This was accomplished with an outstanding final presentation on a difficult case involving Habitat for Humanity.

Genay, Grimes, Davis, and Roglitz represented the Darla Moore School of Business exceptionally. This victory in the presence of both the national and international community outlines a tradition of excellence that has kept the business programs at the University of South Carolina among the most recognized worldwide.

Pat DeMouy, Lecturer of Management, is case team advisor. Under his leadership, both undergraduate and graduate teams are consistently finishing at the top at case competitions around the world.

Written by Colin Campbell

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