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Data Clearinghouse

Use the drop down menus to find the data you are looking for.

Scroll to the bottom of your window and click the "search" button to view the results.

To browse categories, use the drop-down list on the top left of the clearinghouse. When a category is selected, subcategories are then listed. These are smaller divisions of the substantive category but should still be intuitive. Once that selection is made, a list of the indicators available in that smaller variable category appears. These categories can be narrowed down by format, source, or geography.

Using the geography search function will also allow users to search based on a geographic type. Most types are intuitive or familiar such as state or county but many are not. Metropolitan Statistical Area and Census Tracts are geographic units that government statistical agencies use to standardize their data. The latest definitions for these geographic units are available when they are clicked and include references to maps.

Using the source search function will allow users to browse the data based on sources, including government, private, and non-profit. Commercial, or fee-based, data sources are also included and efforts are being made to discover more commercial sources and information about their data.

Search Tips

To find data that match more than one criteria, for example, employment in Anderson County, but only from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, use your "ctrl" key on your keyboard to select more than one criteria.

To find data for multiple subcategories, geographies, or sources, you can use your "ctrl" key as well. For example, to view data for multiple counties or metro areas, click on each drop down selection you would like while holding the "ctrl" key.

Click the small red triangle next to the list of the data that result from your search to preview the data. From here you'll be able to see some information without going all the way to the indicator's main page.

To filter search results by specific criteria, you can type into the boxes under "description", "subcategory", "geography", "source", and "time period." This is useful if you know what you're looking for but the criteria you selected bring up too many results to scroll through. Please keep in mind that "time period" is the earliest year available.