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SC Small Business Development Centers

For more than thirty years, entrepreneurs have turned to the 
South Carolina Small Business Development Centers (SC SBDC) for help expanding an existing business or starting a new enterprise. Through free consulting, low-cost seminars and links to resources, the SC SBDC helps jump start startups and makes existing businesses thrive.

The mission of the SC SBDC is to advance South Carolina’s economic development by helping entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. SC SBDC consultants work with companies in all stages of development—from a person with an innovative product but no idea how to move forward to the owner of an established company looking to capture new markets.

The South Carolina Small Business Development Centers’ state office is located in the Darla Moore School of Business. A statewide organization, the SC SBDC has 17 area centers in communities across South Carolina, serving both urban and rural business needs. The SC SBDC helps more than 6,000 clients each year. Since 2006, the SC SBDC has assisted the startup of more than 500 new ventures and helped generate more than $383 million in capital formation. In the past five years, SC SBDC consultants have assisted in bringing more than $1 billion in government contracts to small companies in South Carolina.

Small Business Development Centers play a crucial role in supporting the nation’s economy. According to the SBA, more than half of all private sector employees work for small businesses. In an economy struggling to produce jobs, many downsized workers have developed a high entrepreneurial spirit. Helping those who seek their fortune in the private enterprise system not only paves the way for their success, but also supports job growth.

Every SBDC carefully tracks outcomes, keeping close tabs on the number of clients served and the end results of each entrepreneur’s journey. Each SC SBDC center offers free, confidential consulting on financing, marketing, employee management, importing and exporting, technology commercialization, market expansion, fiscal management, strategic planning, manufacturing and government procurement. There are also programs for veterans and minority-owned businesses. SC SBDC programs are constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing economy, providing much needed services to South Carolina’s small business community.