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Current Research Projects:  

CMOs are from Venus and CEOs are from Mars:
An Investigation of the Duration of Marketing Officers in the C-Suite

Kartik Kalaignanam, Associate Professor
Tracey A. Swartz, Doctoral Candidate 

 This study examines various aspects of the role of the Chief Marketing Officer. First, it will investigate whether CMO tenure is significantly related to the (mis) match between CMOs and CEOs on the generalist-specialist continuum. Second, it will examine whether a) CMO tenure is significantly related to a new CEO and b) if this effect varies between internal and external CEOs. Third, it will explore whether CMO tenure is significantly related to the gender of CEOs and CMOs. Finally, it will examine the relationship between CMO tenure and marketing performance of the firm.

Defining Success in CEO Succession: A Board Perspective

Patrick M. Wright, Professor
Anthony Nyberg, Professor
Donald J. Schepker, Associate Professor 

As CEO succession has gained increased attention among board members, this study seeks to gain insights into how they view what success looks like. It entails interviewing 25-30 board members to explore a) what events, developments, and metrics they examine to determine if the board's choice for the CEO successor was the correct one, and b) what they view as the key elements of a good CEO succession process, and c) the role they see for the Chief HR Officer in that process. 

Research Reports:  

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