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Center for Executive Succession

Executive succession has garnered increasing attention from Boards of Directors, CEO's, analysts and the media. Failures and miscues in making the wrong succession decisions have cost companies in expenses, missed growth opportunities and reputation. In spite of the fact that executive succession presents huge risks to corporations, little is known regarding the challenges, pitfalls and best practices. The sensitive nature of “behind the veil” processes has limited the ability to conduct detailed research into executive succession. Thus, the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina has created the Center for Executive Succession (CES) to leverage the world-class faculty research capability and a unique corporate/academic partnership to provide cutting edge knowledge in these areas.

The mission of CES is to be the objective source of knowledge about the issues, challenges and best practices regarding C-suite succession. We seek to appeal to board members, CEOs, CHROs and other C-suite members by providing state-of-the-art research and practice on executive succession.

The corporate/academic collaboration between CES and its partner companies will generate credible, unique and unbiased knowledge to further the effectiveness of executive succession practices in firms.

For more information on becoming a CES partner company, please contact