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The purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise the School of Business concerning its Human Resources educational and research programs and to support those programs in pursuit of program goals. In carrying out their mission, the members of the Advisory Board will provide some or all of these kinds of support on a continuing basis:

  • Hire graduates of the School’s Human Resources programs
  • Hire interns
  • Provide financial support for research activities, scholarships, and/or administrative uses
  • Provide advice on research programs
  • Attend Advisory Board meetings
  • Assist in recruiting potential students
  • Collaborate in research projects of mutual interest
  • Engage in creative thinking about the future of Human Resources so as to help align the curriculum with anticipated professional competencies

Members should be committed to continually working to upgrade the membership of the Board by providing a network of professionals who, along with their organizations, will have an interest in partnering with the University. Overall, the outcome should be focused on creating world-class Human Resource educational and research programs at the University of South Carolina.