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The Faber Entrepreneurship Center is poised to take a lead role in cultivating a new generation of South Carolina entrepreneurs -- people with the ideas, the vision, and the perseverance to launch the new businesses that form the state's economic bedrock.

The center, endowed with a $1 million gift from University of South Carolina alumni Tim and Karen Faber, seeks to provide USC students with intensive exposure to entrepreneurial concepts, small business management training, and interaction with a network of successful entrepreneurs in South Carolina.

"An entrepreneurial center helps develop, teach, and mentor those people involved in starting a small business, and many states have those centers. The Faber Center will create a formalized mechanism for perpetuating an entrepreneurial culture in this state," says Tim Faber.

"To have a viable economy, there has to be a steady stream of entrepreneurs," says Dr. Richard Robinson, Executive Director of the Faber Entrepreneurship Center. "The center is exploring many new ideas that will foster new entrepreneurial development and support those who have already launched new businesses."

"The bottom line for the center," concludes Robinson, "is to devote ourselves to activities that will foster a more vibrant entrepreneurial climate in South Carolina. We are doing this by identifying and nurturing those among us who will be tomorrow's Tim and Karen Faber."