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FABER Entrepreneurship Center

Entrepreneurship at USC: An Exciting 21st-Century Opportunity

  • One million new ventures are started each year in the United States alone. One in ten Americans will start a business this year. Seven out of ten high school students want to start their own company some day.
  • Among John Naisbett's research findings: "the bigger the world economy, the more powerful become its smallest players ... the entrepreneur is becoming the most important player in building the global economy."
  • Frank Batten, in making a donation to the University of Virginia's Darden School, said: "I believe we are in the midst of an economic revolution that may be as transforming as the industrial revolution. This revolution is being fueled by entrepreneurs, new technology, and the Internet. Entrepreneurship is now the biggest driver of the U.S. and global economies."
  • To remain a global leader in business education and a catalyst for economic development, the Faber Center at USC is helping to develop USC's entrepreneurship program as we encourage and prepare our students to take their entrepreneurial skills into the new global economy.

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