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The University of South Carolina CIBER has a long and successful history of funding and supporting International Business research, investing an average of one-quarter of its annual CIBER budget to research. As a result, CIBER has assisted the Sonoco International Business Department faculty in becoming the most prolific International Business research department in the U.S. for many consecutive years, as well as supporting other Moore School of Business faculty in their IB-related research, while adding valuable literature to the area of U.S. competitiveness in the global market.

The SC CIBER is also actively involved in several other research initiatives and activities:

CIBER Working Paper Series - University of South Carolina
The SC CIBER has published over 200 research papers since its inception in 1989, and will again devote a substantial portion of its new four-year grant award toward additional research initiatives, primarily in the areas of Interaction between Multinational Corporations and Institutional Environments, Micro-Finance, Interaction of Global Business and Homeland Security Issues , and CIBER LEADING EDGE ACTIVITY African Business and US-Africa Business RelationsLearn more.

International Organization Network (ION) - various universities
ION is a loosely structured group consisting of more than 70 scholars and practitioners whose goal is to increase the quality and impact of research on people and their effectiveness in international organizations. The group strives to initiate research regarding a variety of issues related to management that affect international organizational operations and success. ION is also intended to serve as a network, connecting groups of people who do not normally have the opportunity to interact, but are all affected by the issues addressed at the conferences. For instance, ION consists primarily of academic scholars, but also includes practitioners with field experience. Not only does this diversity in composition bring about an interesting mix of opinions and ideas, but it also allows these two groups (whose work often directly affects one another) to discuss ways to improve management practices. This year six senior HR executives and Chief Learning Officers joined 32 ION members for a special set of sessions. The central focus of the conference was discussion of The Handbook of Global Organizing and Managing. This book is the product of the collaborative effort of 36 ION members and translates the very leading edge of international management thought and practices into a single statement on managing global complexity. The presence of chief learning officers and senior HR managers also provided an occasion for a stimulating dialogue about a host of relevant issues. In addition to a strong contingent drawn from throughout the U.S., participants came from Turkey, Kenya, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, the United Kingdom, the West Indies, Germany, Denmark and Canada.

For more information concerning all CIBER Research initiatives, please visit the CIBERweb.