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Research Projects

Spring 2016

• AVAYA: Billing Adjustment Process Improvement
• Carolinas HealthCare System: Supply Room Inventory System
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Throughput and Velocity Study
• Continental Tire: Late Binding Inventory to Improve Service Levels
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Outbound Cycle Time Improvement
• Delta Airlines Cargo: Interactive Voice Response Call Flow
• EZGO/Textron: Sub-assembly Cell Transportation and Training Development
• Michelin Tire: Importer Fault Analysis Process and Model
• Nephron Pharmaceuticals: Inventory Management Model
• PricewaterhouseCoopers: Resource Planning for Global Information Reporting
• Siemens: Medium Voltage System Supply Chain Analysis
• Sonoco: Inventory Optimization
• Trane: Magellan Material Delivery

Fall 2015

• AVAYA: SKU Level Demand Forecasting Process Improvement
• Carolinas HealthCare System: Improving Bulk Pick Process
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Performance Communication Process Improvement
• Continental Tire: Analyzing and Improving Truckload Planning Process
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Shipment Accuracy Improvement
• EZGO/Textron: Sub-assembly Cell Transportation and Training Development
• Michelin Tire: Modeling Relationships among Supply Chain Key Performance Indicators
• Nephron Pharmaceuticals: Automated Batch Production Schedule
• Trane: Magellan Material Delivery

Spring 2015

• AVAYA: Designing a Cross-docking Strategy
• Carolinas HealthCare System: Quality Control System Design
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Supply Chain Planning Process Improvement
• Continental Tire: Production Planning Process
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Decision Matrix for Centralized/Decentralized Planning
• EZGO/Textron: Parts & Accessories National Distribution Strategy
• Michelin Tire: Identify New Product Launch Customer Profiles
• PricewaterhouseCoopers: Tax Filing Process Improvement
• Siemens: Case Pick Quality Improvement
• Sonoco: Inventory Optimization
• Trane: Coil Line Sequencing

Fall 2014

• AVAYA: Asia Global Hub and Dynamic Routing
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: SKU Proliferation and Costing Analysis
• Continental Tire: Global Distribution Network Design and Optimization
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Safety Stock and Inventory Optimization
• EZGO/Textron: Press/Weld Lean Supermarket
• Michelin Tire: Flexibility Steering Tool
• PricewaterhouseCoopers: Risk Rating Framework
• Siemens: Distribution Center Optimization
• Trane: Reinventing Scrap Management

Spring 2014

• AVAYA: A Cost Model For Product Rationalization
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Merchandising Process Improvement
• Continental Tire: Distribution Center Inventory Policy Optimization
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Inventory Age Reduction for Components
• EZGO/Textron: Materials Receiving Process Improvement
• Harvest Hope: Operations Improvement and Logistics Optimization
• Michelin/TCI: Distribution Network Analysis & Improvement
• PwC: Supplier Approval Process Improvement
• Siemens: Optimize Special Processing
• Sonoco: Preventive Maintenance Process Improvement
• Trane/Ingersoll Rand: Coil Cost Driver Analysis

Fall 2013

• AVAYA: Customer Service Performance Improvement
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Warehouse Design and Process Optimization
• Carolinas Healthcare System: Patient Service Optimization
• Cummins Turbo Technologies: Returnable Container Process Improvement
• EZGO/Textron: Fabrication Schedule Compliance
• Michelin/TCI: Plant Rationalization
• PwC: Supplier Performance Assessment Process Improvement
• Siemens: Inbound Optimization of European Shipments into North America
• Trane/Ingersoll Rand: Inbound Freight Optimization

Spring 2013

• AVAYA: America’s International Strategy
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Inventory Strategy
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Freight Analytics Process Improvement
• EZGO/Textron: Domestic Inbound Logistics Spend Optimization
• Hilex Poly: Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies Spend Reduction
• One Palmetto Health (Richland & Baptist): Inventory Ordering and Usage Improvement
• PricewaterhouseCoopers: Production Planning
• Siemens: Inbound Freight to Plants Consolidation Improvement

Fall 2012

• Carolina HealthCare System: Improving Patient Cycle Time
• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Throughput Improvement on Bottling Lines
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Supplier Schedule Quality Measurement
• PricewaterhouseCoopers: Work Allocation Optimization
• Siemens: Scheduled Shipment and Inventory Evaluation
• Sonoco: Biomass Boiler Ash Handling Options
• Trane/Ingersoll Rand: Warehousing and Supply Chain Collaboration

Spring 2012

• Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated: Warehouse Integration & Optimization Assessment
• Cummins Engines: Metal Engine Skid Returns Process
• Cummins Turbo Technology: Integrated Supplier Evaluation Process
• Hilex Poly: Recycling Wash Line Yield & Supply Assessment
• Siemens: Evaluation of Returns Process (Southaven Logistics Center)
• Sonoco: Warehousing Options Project
• Trane: Sales, Inventory and Operations Process Redesign

Fall 2011

• Capsugel: Efficient shipment of capsules to South America
• Eaton Electrical: Optimized Inventory Allocation across Value Chains
• Trane Ingersoll-Rand: Implementing Optimized Inventory Policies and Visual Control
• Palmetto Health Richland: Strategic Integration of Inventory Management Policies & Processes
• Hilex Poly: Material Shrink Root Cause Analysis and Mass Balance Control
• Johnson & Johnson: Production Schedule Level-Loading
• Cummins Turbo Technologies: Evaluation of Global SMI Policies
• Sonoco: Paper Mills and Conversion Plants Network Inventory and Transportation Optimization

Spring 2011

• Capsugel: Global Sourcing Optimization
• Eaton Electrical: Copper Forecasting Process Improvement Project
• Trane Ingersoll-Rand: Implementing Pull Based Sheet Metal Ordering Process
• Palmetto Health Richland: Inventory Management
• Palmetto Health Richland Microbiology Lab: Microbiology Inventory Control System
• Johnson & Johnson: Production Packaging Operations Improvement (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics)
• Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel: Cost Improvement Selection and Tracking
• Packaging Solutions Optimization & Development
• Sonoco Products Corporation: Steel Mill Performance Metrics

Fall 2010
• Capsugel:
Scheduling Process Improvement
• Johnson & Johnson: Automated Cartoner Scheduling, Sequencing
• Johnson & Johnson: Automated Cartoner WIP Queue, & Resource Optimization
• Trane Ingersoll-Rand: Coil "On Time to Request" Enablers
• Sonoco: Forecasting, Scheduling and Inventory Management

Spring 2010

• Cummins Turbo Technologies: Asia Supply Chain Risk Identification & Reduction
• Eaton Electrical: Materials Synchronization Implementation
• Capsugel: Purchasing Process Improvement
• Palmetto Health Outreach Lab: Outreach Lab Optimization
• Trane Ingersoll-Rand: Header Cell Process Optimization
• Flextronics Industrial: Developing a Total Cost of Ownership Tool
• Colonial Life: Application Processing Enhancements
• Johnson & Johnson: BioVue product handling, release & distribution optimization

Fall 2009

• Eaton Electrical: Consensus Forecast Processes for Product Attribute Data
• Cummins Turbo Technologies: Capacity & Layout Design (Merger – New Warehouse)
• Kaiser Aluminum: Fluid Penetrant Inspection (FPI) Inventory and Lead-time Reduction
• Train Ingersoll-Rand: 5/16th Coil Manufacturing Line Throughput Improvement
• Walmart: Walmart Channel Decision

Spring 2009

• Colonial Life: Accident & Health Claims Process Improvement
• Cummins Turbo Technologies: Global Sourcing of Turbos and Components
• Eaton: eMMAC Internal Supply Chain Assessment
• Johnson & Johnson: Lean Campaign - Global Distribution Center (HSN Shipments)
• Kaiser Aluminum: Etching Line Lean Process Improvement
• Palmetto Health Richland: Imaging Process Improvement
• Palmetto Health Richland: Women's Health Clinic Patient Treatment Process Improvement
• Pfizer (Capsugel Division): Activity-Based Costing of North American Dietary Supplements
• Sonoco: Demand Planning and Optimization
• Westinghouse: New Process Creation for Inventory Policies for Procured Parts

Fall 2008

• Colonial Life: Claims Process Improvement
• Johnson & Johnson: Order Fulfillment Process Improvement (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Campus)
• Pfizer-Capsugel: Export Process Improvement (Brazilian Market)

Spring 2008

• Colonial Life: Customer & Sales-Process Focused Analysis of Never-Effects
• Colonial Life: New Customer Enrollment & Underwriting Process Improvement
• Johnson & Johnson: Optimization of Pathology Lab Process
• Mead Westvaco (Chemical): Inventory Replenishment Policies & Warehouse Stocking Optimization
• Palmetto Health Richland: Throughput Improvement for Emergency Patients
• Pfizer-Capsugel: North American Logistics Network Optimization
• Sonoco: Supply Chain Redesigning for Critical Customer
• Westinghouse Electric (Nuclear Fuel): Inventory Optimization

Fall 2007

• Colonial Life: Analysis of Never-Effects (Phase I)
• MeadWestvaco – Chemical Division: Lignin Products Inventory Optimization
• Palmetto Health Richland: Treatment for Community-Acquired Pneumonia Patients (Emergency)
• Pfizer-Capsugel: Development of Cost Models for Distribution Centers (FL & NE)
• Sonoco: Accounts Receivables Terms Rationalization
• Westinghouse Electric (Nuclear Fuel): Supply Chain Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard Development