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Project Proposal Form

Operations, Business Process, and Supply Chain Consulting Help Available from University of South Carolina's Global Supply Chain and Process Management Center

Manufacturing firms and service organizations (banks, public institutions, hospitals, hotels, and retail stores) looking for new ways to maximize the efficiency of their operations and supply chains are invited to apply for consulting help from the consulting practice in business process and supply chain improvement managed by the Global Supply Chain and Process Management (GSCPM) Center in the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.

Under the leadership of Dr. Manoj Malhotra (Director), Dr. Sanjay Ahire (Associate Director), and Dr. Jack Jensen (Managing Director), the GSCPM Center has completed six years of contributing to the operational excellence of for-profit and non-profit organizations in South Carolina, Southeast and beyond.  

The Center for Global Supply Chain and Process Management was founded in 2005 to leverage operations and supply chain faculty expertise and student skills to generate real and sustained improvements in real-world business processes and operations of private- and public-sector organizations in South Carolina, the Southern US, and beyond. Process improvements recommended by Moore students and faculty consultants through the Center represent millions of dollars in savings or revenue enhancements for member companies. The Center currently boasts 10 corporate members.

The project model starts with project selection in early August and project launch in late August.  A consulting team consisting of a faculty consultant and four to six student analysts works over a three month period using a combination of on-site immersion and off-site teleconferencing and web-meetings to deliver a suite of process improvement recommendations/solutions.  These professionally-managed projects conclude with a final client presentation of specific deliverables such as new process designs, decision support systems, analytic models, and control plans to sustain improvements.  A project fee of $20,000 is assessed upfront for the consulting project.  Based on prior experience, the financial returns to the firms are considerably higher than the project fee. Before the projects are accepted, they will be formally scoped and evaluated for quantifiable gains so that expectations for business value and payoffs are well understood prior to project launch.

If your organization is struggling with a front-burner, high-payoff and critical problem to your operation and supply chain performance, the GSCPM Center encourages you to apply.  GSCPM faculty experts will be available to work with you to help define a high-impact project for your organization that leverages the capabilities of our faculty consultants and student analysts.  To take advantage of this unique opportunity, you are encouraged to complete and submit the attached proposal form to by August 15, 2011.  Finally, feel free to contact us with questions or to discuss a specific project idea.

Manoj Malhotra, Ph.D.
    Director, USC-Global Supply Chain & Process Management Center
    Tel: (803) 777-2712; Fax: (803) 777-3064; Email:

Sanjay Ahire, Ph.D., ASQ-Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt
    Associate Director, Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management
    Tel: (803) 873-3376; Fax: (803)-777-3064; Email:

Jack Jensen, Ph.D.
    Managing Director, USC-Global Supply Chain & Process Management Center
    Tel: (803) 777-6824; Fax: (803) 777-3064; Email:

A Sample of Manufacturing and Service Operations and Supply Chain Process Improvement Projects Conducted By the USC-GSCPM Center

Carton mix (number and sizes) optimization for Walmart.Com Carrollton DC (Spring 2011)

Supply Chain Cost Improvement Projects Evaluation and Tracking Process and Decision Support System for Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels Division. (Spring 2011)

Attribute-based demand forecasting system implemented to estimate monthly demand for raw material for Eaton Corporation. (Spring 2011)

Colonial Life (Columbia, SC):  Cycle time and throughput improvement of new business applications approval and existing members’ claims resolution, and billing processes.  (Seven projects executed from Fall 2007 through Spring 2010).

Palmetto Health Richland (Columbia, SC):  Improvement of heart surgery instruments inventory policies and procurement process through inventory consumption, on-hand, and stockouts modeling in conjunction with various purchasing cost options to optimize total costs and availability. (Fall 2010).

Total supply chain cost analysis and decision tool implementation for Flextronics (Spring 2010)

Integrated supply chain risk analyses (SCRA) and decision tool implementation for Cummins Turbo Technologies (Charleston, SC). (Spring 2010)

Process analysis and reconfiguration of header cell layout and manpower allocation to support lean initiatives for Trane Ingersoll-Rand

Internal supply chain inventory optimization for break-pack items at Walmart Global Logistics for the US networks: Bentonville, AR (project done for global logistics leadership team but had national scope).  (Fall 2009)

Redesign of Fluid Penetrant Inspection (FPI) process for Kaiser Aluminum Greenwood Forge Operations. (Fall 2009)

Reduction of the production to shipment lead time for biovue products at Johnson & Johnson (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Division) in Raritan, NJ (Fall 2009 – Spring 2010)

Capacity and layout design of a new warehouse for merged plants of Cummins Turbo Technologies (Charleston, SC). (Fall 2009)

Streamlining order fulfillment process (including planning, picking, and packing) at Johnson & Johnson’s Global Distribution Center

Design of a new global supply chain and transportation network for minimizing total cost of ownership for Cummins Turbo Technologies

Total Cost of Ownership Modeling for Sonoco Product Company’s (Hartsville, SC) Strategic Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) Initiatives for Packaging with Mars and Kraft.

Supply chain strategy mapping and balanced scorecard implementation for Westinghouse Electric‘s Nuclear Fuel Division

Total Cost of Ownership Modeling for Ingersoll-Rand’s Domestic and International Suppliers (St Louis, MO). (Fall 2005)


Please complete your project proposal by August 15, 2011 and email to: or fax to (803) 777-3064
Feel free to include additional sheets if necessary.

Organization Name:

Client Contact    Name:
            Office Phone:
            E-Mail address:     

Project Title:

Project Purpose / Significance of the Business Need
Please describe the purpose of this project and the business need it will satisfy.  Identify why this project matters to your operational business strategy, customer- and financial- performance.  What are the specific outcomes you are targeting?

Project Scope Description, Data Needs, and Data Availability
Please indicate the organizational scope of the project and description of the work/task to be completed, and your understanding of the data needs and availability in as much detail as possible.  

Travel Requirements

Expected Deliverables
Specify your expectations of project deliverables and your timelines / due dates for these deliverables.  

Technical Tools and Project Material
Specify any specific technical tools (including any decision analysis, management science, or data analysis software tools) that will be required or available for this project.  

Project Coordination
Name(s), Title(s), and Contact Information (Tel, Fax, Email) for the project Sponsor(s) :
The project sponsor is the executive who is not only accountable for the organization's part spanned by the project, but also has the positional influence to effect changes in operations spanned by the project.

Name(s), Title(s), and Contact Information (Tel, Fax, Email) for the project Coaches :
The coach/champion will be the primary contact person who will ensure team's access to information and other organizational support during the project.    

Project Completion Criteria
Indicate what criteria you will use to measure project completion and success.

Thank you for the Project Proposal