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Process and Supply Chain Symposium

USC/Syracuse Process and Supply Chain Improvement Symposium

October 20-21, 2014
Darla Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina

Download selected presentation slides from the conference:

Tuesday, October 21: Presentations, Darla Moore School of Business

Pat Penefield (Syracuse University)

“Assessing the Supply Chain Efficiency of Hardwood Sawmills in New York State through Case Study Analysis and Data Envelopment Analysis Modeling”

Samuel Yankelevitch (Author “Lean Potion #9: Communication: The Next Lean Frontier”

“Making the Invisible Visible: How Culture, Distance and Communication Impact Our Global Supply Chains”

Fred Easton (Syracuse University

“Improving Tardy Administration of Inhaled Medications for Inpatients with Respiratory Illnesses”

Edgardo Pappacena and William Owens (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

“PwC Strategic Delivery - Global Professional Services”

Burak Kazaz (Syracuse University)

“Global Sourcing Under Exchange-rate Uncertainty”

Keith Holliday (Sonoco Products Company)

“Supply Chain Excellence: Differentiating Capability for Success”

Lou Kennedy (Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation)

“Innovative Systems and Pieces of Equipment that Help with Managing the Supply Chain Flow.”

Carrie Queenan (University of South Carolina)

“Patient, Heal Thyself!  A Technology Enabled Intervention to Promote Patient Activation”

Mike Galbreth (University of South Carolina)

“Using Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Performance”

Manoj Malhotra (University of South Carolina)

“Operations Improvement and Logistics Optimization at Harvest Hope”

Jason Alford (EZGO-Textron)

Randy Kesterson (Doosan)

“Process and Supply Chain Improvement:  Some lessons learned involving people stuff”

Joel Wooten (University of South Carolina

“Improving Supply Chains: Lessons from Innovation”

For more information, contact: 

Jack Jensen, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Global Supply Chain and Process Management Center

Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

1014 Greene St., Columbia SC 29208

Office: 803.777.6824

Cell: 803.312.4575