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Lean-Six Sigma Certification

Sonoco Products Company - USC - GSCOM Program Lean-Six Sigma Greenbelt program

The Sonoco Products Company and the University of South Carolina – Global Supply Chain and Operations Management (USC-GSCOM) Program have teamed up to offer GreenBelt Certification opportunity to USC-GSCOM students through a two-phase process as follows:
Phase 1:  Green-Belt Training and Readiness Exam
Sonoco’s Greenbelt Training is E-Learning Course spanning 18 modules  paralleling the ASQ Greenbelt body of knowledge and the George Consulting Group training program.  The Greenbelt readiness exam requires about 100 hours of preparation.
Students at USC-GSCOM Program are required to complete this training through on-line E-learning course from Sonoco Products Company.  Students then take a GreenBelt Exam covering the Sonoco curriculum.  The exam consists of 100 questions and is closed-book and closed-notes.  The passing threshold is 80 out of 100.  USC students get only one opportunity to take and pass the exam.
Phase 2:  Greenbelt-Certified Project
Students plan and execute a significant operations/process improvement consulting project in their capstone consulting project course of the program in one of the partner firms of the USC-Global Supply Chain and Process Management (GSCPM) Center.  Current members of the GSCPM Center are: Colonial Life, Cummins (Turbo Technologies Division), Eaton Corporation (Power Distribution of Americas Division), Johnson & Johnson (Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Division), Kaiser Aluminum, Palmetto Health Richland, Pfizer Corporation (Capsugel Division), Trane-Ingersoll Rand, Sonoco Products Company, and Westinghouse Electric (Nuclear Fuels Division).
The project is executed by a team of 3-5 student analysts, mentored by principal consultant (faculty mentor), in conjunction with client team over a three-month span.  It typically involves a work content of about 500 manhours of the team’s work.  The project deliverables include mid-term and final presentations, piloting of improvements, and detailed cost-benefits and control plan for improved process.
The project is evaluated jointly by Director of Certification from USC-GSCOM Program and Corporate Lean-Six-Sigma Champion from Sonoco Products Company for greenbelt certification.   If a project is greenbelt-worthy, detailed assessment of individual team member’s contributions to the project is conducted through peer evaluation, principal consultant’s assessment, and Sonoco’s interview of the team members.
Only when a student meets all the criteria of Phase 1 and Phase 2 specified as follows, s/he is awarded the “Sonoco Lean-Six-Sigma Greenbelt Certificate”: 

  1. Pass Greenbelt Exam (closed-book, closed notes, one attempt) with a score of 80 or more out of 100.
  2. Complete a project with GSCPM Center firm that is certified jointly to be greenbelt-worthy by Sonoco Lean-Six-Sigma Champion and USC Director of Lean-Six-Sigma Certification.
  3. Contribute satisfactorily (both participation extent and quality) on the project team as assessed by the project team peers through peer evaluation survey, by principal consultant throughout the project, and by the Sonoco Champion through project team members’ interviews at conclusion.