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Faculty Experts Guide

Faculty at the Darla Moore School of Business are among the best in the world. Whether you are with a corporation seeking cutting-edge research to gain an advantage in the marketplace or a member of the media seeking valuable insight on current events, our faculty members are here to provide answers.


Africa (business conditions in):  Robert J. Rolfe
Advertising:  Satish Jayachandran
Auditing:  Scott Jackson, Scott Vandervelde

Banking crises:  Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Banking:  Timothy W. Koch
Bond-market interest rates:  Steven V. Mann
Bond valuation:  Eric A. Powers
Brand strategy:  Satish Jayachandran
Budget deficit:  James P. Bradley Jr.
Business process improvement:  Sanjay Ahire
Capital markets:  Hong Yan

Central Europe:  Tatiana Kostova
China business issues:  Chuck C.Y. Kwok
Consumer behavior (sociological aspects of):  David K. Crockett
Consumption (social and cultural aspects):  Randall L. Rose
Corporate debt policy:  Eric A. Powers
Corporate finance:  Gregory R. Niehaus, Eric A. Powers
Corporate tax policy:  Richard White
Cross-border teams:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Cross-cultural interpersonal behavior:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Cross-cultural issues:  Tatiana Kostova
Cultural frameworks and methods:  Kendall J. Roth
Currency crises:  Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Customer relationship management: Satish Jayachandran
Decision making:  Scott Vandervelde
Derivative securities:  Hong Yan
Developing countries:  Hildy Teegen
Eastern Europe:  Tatiana Kostova
Econometrics:  McKinley Blackburn
Economic demography:  McKinley Blackburn
Economic development:  Douglas P. Woodward
Economic growth worldwide:  Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Economic policy:  James P. Bradley Jr.
Emerging Markets: Gerald McDermott
Employee relations:  Brian S. Klaas
Entrepreneurship:  Richard B. Robinson Jr.
Europe (Central and Eastern):  Tatiana Kostova, Gerald McDermott
Exchange rates:  Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer
Financial accounting and reporting: Timothy S. Doupnik, Scott Jackson
Fixed-income securities:  Timothy W. Koch, Steven Mann
Forecasting:  Paulo Guimaraes
Foreign investment:  Douglas P. Woodward
Foundations of capitalism: Gerald McDermott
Global strategic management:  Kendall J. Roth, David M. Schweiger, Gerald McDermott
Globalization:  Andrew Spicer, Gerald McDermott
Government finance:  James P. Bradley Jr.
Government-NGO nonprofit interaction:  Hildy Teegen
Healthcare Process/Operations Management:  Sanjay Ahire
Helping behavior:  Bruce M. Meglino

Human resources:  Robert E. Ployhart
Human-resources compensation:  Brian S. Klaas
Human-resources outsourcing:  Brian S. Klaas
Industrial economics:  Paulo Guimaraes
Industrial restructuring and international competitiveness: Gerald McDermott
Individual tax policy:  Richard White
Industry location: Douglas P. Woodward
Industrial psychology:  Robert E. Ployhart
Innovation and clusters: Gerald McDermott

Institutional change: Gerald McDermott
Insurance:  Gregory R. Niehaus
Intercultural interactions: Elizabeth C. Ravlin
International business ethics:  Andrew Spicer
International finance: Chuck C.Y. Kwok
International human resources:  Julian C. Dalzell
International management:  Tatiana Kostova

International taxation:  Robert J. Rolfe
International-business theory:  Kendall J. Roth
Interpersonal dynamics:  Audrey Korsgaard
Investment management:  Hong Yan
Investments:  Steven V. Mann
Judgment:  Scott Vandervelde
Knowledge management of multinational corporations:  Tatiana Kostova
Labor economics:  McKinley Blackburn
Latin America: Gerald McDermott
Latin American/Caribbean business:  Hildy Teegen
Lean Six-Sigma:  Sanjay Ahire
Management (global strategic):  Kendall J. Roth

Management (international):  Tatiana Kostova
Management of multinational corporations:  Tatiana Kostova
Managerial accounting: Scott Jackson
Manufacturing:  Manoj K. Malhotra
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management:  Sanjay Ahire
Marketing research: Randall L. Rose
Marketing strategy:  Satish Jayachandran
Mergers and acquisitions:  David M. Schweiger
Money and capital markets:  Timothy W. Koch
Multinational enterprises:  Hildy Teegen
Negotiation:  Hildy Teegen
Operations:  Manoj K. Malhotra
Organizational behavior:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Organizational consulting and development:  David M. Schweiger
Organizational psychology:  Robert E. Ployhart
Partnership tax policy:  Richard White
Performance appraisal:  Audrey Korsgaard
Personnel selection:  Robert E. Ployhart
Personal values in the workplace:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Persuasion:  Randall L. Rose
Purchasing and logistics:  Manoj K. Malhotra
Pricing:  James P. Bradley Jr.
Psychology (industrial/organizational):  Robert E. Ployhart
Rationality:  Bruce M. Meglino
Real-estate finance:  Ronald C. Rogers
Real-estate investment:  Ronald C. Rogers
Recruiting:  Robert E. Ployhart
Resource development methods:  Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Risk management:  Gregory R. Niehaus
Russia:  Tatiana Kostova, Andrew Spicer
Small-group dynamics:  Audrey Korsgaard
Social marketing:  Randall L. Rose
Social responsibility:  Andrew Spicer
Sourcing and logistics:  Sanjay Ahire
Staffing:  Robert E. Ployhart

Statistics:  Robert E. Ployhart
Subsidiary-headquarters relationships:  Tatiana Kostova
Supply-chain management:  Manoj K. Malhotra
Supply-chain optimization:  Sanjay Ahire
Tax policy:  Caroline D. Strobel

Tax policy (individual, partnership & corporate):  Richard White
Taxes:  Caroline D. Strobel
Taxation:  Richard White
Taxation (international):  Robert J. Rolfe
Teaching:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Teams:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Values:  Elizabeth C. Ravlin
Work values:  Bruce M. Meglino
Workplace fairness:  Audrey Korsgaard




Timothy S. Doupnik:  financial accounting
Scott Jackson:  financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing
Caroline D. Strobel:  taxes, tax policy
Richard White:  taxation, tax policy (individual, partnership and corporate)
Scott Vandervelde:  judgment, decision making, auditing.


McKinley Blackburn:  labor economics, economic demography, econometrics
James P. Bradley Jr.:  economic policy/pricing, government finance, budget deficit
Janice Boucher "Jan" Breuer:  exchange rates, currency crises, banking crises, economic growth worldwide
Randolph C. Martin:  regional and urban economics, economic modeling
Jason Murray:  natural resources, environmental economics
Douglas P. Woodward:  economic development, foreign investment, industry location.


Timothy Koch:  banking, money and capital markets, fixed-income securities
Chuck C.Y. Kwok:  China business issues, international finance
Steven Mann:  investments, fixed-income securities
Gregory R. Niehaus:  risk management, insurance, corporate finance
Eric A. Powers:  corporate finance, bond valuation, corporate debt policy
Ronald C. Rogers:  real-estate finance, real-estate investment
Hong Yan:  asset pricing, investment management, derivative securities, capital markets


Tatiana Kostova:  international management, management of multinational corporations, cross-cultural issues, knowledge management of multinational corporations, subsidiary-headquarters relationships
Gerald McDermott:  emerging markets, east-central Europe, foundations of capitalism, global strategic management, globalization, industrial restructuring and international competitiveness, innovation and clusters, institutional change, Latin America
Robert J. Rolfe:  international taxation, business conditions in Africa
Kendall J. Roth:  global strategic management, international-business theory, cultural frameworks and methods
Andrew Spicer:  globalization, international business ethics, social responsibility, Russia
Hildy Teegen:  multinational enterprises, government-NGO nonprofit interaction, developing countries, Latin American/Caribbean business, negotiation.


Julian C. Dalzell: international human resources
Brian Klaas:  human resources, human-resources compensation, employee relations, human-resources outsourcing
Audrey Korsgaard:  small group and interpersonal dynamics, performance appraisal, workplace fairness
Bruce M. Meglino:  work values, helping behavior, rationality
Robert E. Ployhart:  staffing, personnel selection, recruiting, human resources, statistics
Elizabeth C. Ravlin:  cross-cultural interpersonal behavior, teams, values, teaching, cross-border teams, organizational behavior, intercultural interactions, personal values in the workplace
Richard B. Robinson Jr.:  entrepreneurship
David M. Schweiger:  mergers and acquisitions, global strategic management, organizational consulting and developement


Sanjay Ahire:  Lean Six-Sigma, business process improvement, supply-chain optimization, sourcing and logistics, manufacturing and service operations management, healthcare process/operations management
Manoj K. Malhotra:  manufacturing, operations, purchasing and logistics, supply-chain management


David K. Crockett:  sociological aspects of consumer behavior
Satish Jayachandran:  advertising, brand strategy, customer relationship management, marketing strategy
Randall L. Rose:  persuasion, marketing research, social marketing, social and cultural aspects of consumption



Satish Jayachandran