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Forthcoming Marketing Publications

2016 Marketing Publications

  • Etkin, Jordan and Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh (2016), "When (and Why) a Positive Mood Increases Choice Deferral" conditionally accepted at the Journal of Consumer Research.
  • Labroo, Aparna and Anastasiya Pocheptsova (2016), "Metacognition and Consumer Judgment: Fluency is Pleasant but Disfluency Ignites Interest," Current Opinion in Psychology, Volume 10 (August).
  • Meike Eilert*, Satish Jayachandran*, Kartick Kalaignanam* and Tracey Swartz, "Does It Pay to Recall Your Product Early?  An Empirical Investigation in the Automobile Industry", Conditionally Accepted, Journal of Marketing.  (*Equal Contribution).

2015 Marketing Publications

  • Bagchi,Rajesh and Elise Chandon Ince, "Is a 70% Prediction More Accurate than a 30% Prediction? Inferences about Forecasts and Forecasters from Intuitive Probability Interpretations," forthcoming, Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Pocheptsova, Anastasiya, Petersen, Francine and Jordan Etkin (2015), "Two Birds, One Stone? Positive Mood Makes Products Seem Less Useful for Multiple-Goal Pursuit," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25(2), 296-303.

2014 Marketing Publications

  • Buechel, Eva C. and Chris Janiszewski* (2014).  "A lot of Work or a Work of Art: How the Structure of a Customized Assembly Task Determines the Utility Derived from Assembly Effort," Journal of Consumer Research 40(5), 960-972.
  • Buechel, Eva C., Jiao Zhang, Carey K. Morewedge and Joachim Vosgerau (2014) "More Intense Experiences, Less Intense Forecasts: Why Affective Forecasters Overestimate the Influence of Outcome Probability," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 106(1), 20-36.
  • Kramer, Thomas and Lauren Block (2014), "Like Mike: Ability Contagion through Touched Objects Increases Confidence and Improves Performance," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 124(2), 215-228.
  • Kim, Hyeong-Min, Katina Kulow, and Thomas Kramer (2014), "The Interactive Effect of Beliefs in Malleable Fate and Fateful Predictions on Choice," Journal of Consumer Research, 40(6), 1139-1148.
  • May, Frank and Ashwani Monga (2014), "When Time Has a Will of Its Own, the Powerless Don't Have the Will to Wait: Anthropomorphism of Time Can Decrease Patience," Journal of Consumer Research, 40, 5 (February).
  • Siddiqui, Rafay A., Frank May, and Ashwani Monga (2014), "Reversals of Task Duration Estimates: Thinking How Rather than Why Shrinks Duration Estimates for Simple Tasks, but Elongates Estimates for Complex Tasks," Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 50, 1 (January), 184-189.

2013 Marketing Publications

  • Kalaignanam, Kartik and Cem Bahadir (2013), "Corporate Brand Name Changes and Business Restructuring: Is the Relationship Complementary or Substitutive," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.  (available at
  • Kalaignanam, Kartik, Tarun Kushwaha and Meike Eilert (2013), "The Impact of Product Recalls on Future Product Reliability and Future Accidents: Evidence from the Automobile Industry," Journal of Marketing, 77 (March).
  • Jayachandran, Satish, Kartik Kalaignanam and Meike Eilert (2013), "Product and Environmental Social Performance: Varying Effect on Firm Performance," Strategic Management Journal, 34 (10).
  • Kalaignanam, K., Kushwaha, T. Steenkamp, J.B. and Tuli, K. (2013) "The Effect of CRM Outsourcing on Shareholder Value: A Contingency Perspective," Management Science, 59 (March), 748-769.
  • Russell, Cristel A., Hope J. Schau, and David Crockett (2013), "Cultural Diversity in Television Narratives: Homophilization, Appropriation, and Implications for Media Advocacy," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 32(1) (Spring).
  • Ghosh, B., and Galbreth, M. (2013) "Consumer Inattentiveness, Search REFEREED and Voluntary Quality Disclosure: A Competitive Analysis," Management Science, 59(11), 2602-2621.
  • Ghosh, B., Galbreth, M., and Shang, G. (2013) "The Competitive Impact of Targeted Television Advertisements Using DVR Technology,"  Decision Sciences, 44(5).
  • Jayachandran, Satish, Peter Kaufman, V. Kumar, and Kelly Hewitt (2013), "Brand Licensing: What Drives Royalty Rates?" Journal of Marketing, 77(5), 108-122.
  • Simonson, Itamar, James R. Bettman, Thomas Kramer, and John W. Payne (2013), "Directions for Judgment and Decision Making Research Based on Comparison Selection: Reply to Arkes, Johnson, and Kardes," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 23(1), 161-163.
  • Simonson, Itamar, James R. Bettman, Thomas Kramer and John W. Payne (2013), "Comparison Attraction: A Preview of Another Approach for the Study of Consumer Judgment and Choice," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 23(1), 137-149.
  • Bublitz, Melissa G., Laura A. Peracchio, Alan R. Andreasen, Jeremy Kees, Blair Kidwell, Elizabeth Gelfand Miller, Carol M. Motley, Paula C. Peter, Priyali Rajagopal, Maura L. Scott, Beth Vallen (2013), "Promoting Positive Change: Advancing the Food Well-Being Paradigm," Journal of Business Research, 66 (8), 1211-18.
  • Chatterjee, Promothesh, Caglar Irmak, and Randall L. Rose (2013), "The Endowment Effect as Self-Enhancement in Response to Threat," Journal of Consumer Research, 40 (October), 460-476.
  • Chatterjee, Promothesh, Randall L. Rose, and Jayati Sinha (2013), "Why Money Meanings Matter in Decisions to Donate Time and Money," Marketing Letters, 24 (June), 109-118.
  • Smarandescu, Laura, Randall L. Rose, and Douglas Wedell (2013), "Priming a Cross-Category Brand Alliance: The Moderating Role of Attribute Knowledge and Need for Cognition," Psychology & Marketing, 30 (February), 133-147.
  • Phipps, Marcus, Luci Ozanne, S. Subrahmanyan, Sommer Kapitan, Michael Luchs, Jesse Catlin, Roland Gau, Rebecca Naylor, Randall L. Rose, Bonnie Simpson, and Todd Weaver (2013), "Understanding the Inherent Complexity of Sustainable Consumption: A Social Cognitive Framework," Journal of Business Research, 66(8), 1227-1234.
  • R. Becerril Arreola, M. Leng, and M. Parlar, "Online Retailers' Promotional Pricing, Free-Shipping Threshold, and Inventory Decisions: A Simulation-Based Analysis," European Journal of Operational Research, 230(2): 272-283, 2013.
2012 Marketing Publications
  • Durvasula, Srinivas, Subhash Sharma, Kealy Carter (2012), "Correcting the t Statistic for Measurement Error, Marketing Letters, 23: 671-682.
  • Haws, Kelly L., William O. Bearden and Gergana Y. Nenkov (2012), "Consumer Spending Self-Control Effectiveness and Outcome Elaboration Prompts," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (5), 695-710.
  • Haws, Kelly L., William O. Bearden and Utpal M. Dholakia (2012), "Situational and Trait Interactions among Goal Orientations," Marketing Letters, 23 (1), 47-60.
  • Monga, Alokparna and Zeynep Gurhan-Canli (2012), "The Influence of Mating Mindsets on Brand Extension Evaluation," Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (August), 581-93.
  • Torelli, Carlos, Alokparna Monga, and Andrew Kaikati (2012), "Doing Poorly by Doing Good: Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Concepts," Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (February), 948-963.
  • Monga, Ashwani and Rajesh Bagchi (2012), "Years, Months, and Days versus 1, 12, and 365: The Influence of Units versus Numbers," Journal of Consumer Research, 39, 1 (June), 185-198.
  • Monga, Ashwani, Haipeng Chen, Michael Tsiros, and Mona Sinha (2012), "How Buyers Forecast: Buyer-Seller Relationship as a Boundary Condition of the Impact Bias," Marketing Letters, 23, 1 (March), 31-45.
  • Robinson, Stefanie Rosen, Caglar Irmak and Satish Jayachandran, (2012), "Choice of Cause in Cause Related Marketing," Journal of Marketing, 76 (July), 126-139.
  • Sharma, Subhash, Srinivas Durvasula, and Robert Ployhart (2012), "The Analysis of Mean Differences Using Mean and Covariance Structure Analysis: Effect Size Estimation and Error Rates," Organizational Research Methods, 15, 75-102.

2011 Marketing Publications

  • Irmak, Caglar, Rebecca W. Naylor and William O. Bearden (2011), "The Out-Of-Region Bias: Distance Estimations Based-on Geographic Categorization," Marketing Letters, 22, 2, 181-196.
  • Irmak, Caglar, Beth Vallen and Stefanie Rosen Robinson (2011), "The Impact of Product Name on Dieters' and Nondieters' Food Evaluations and Consumption," Journal of Consumer Research, 38 (August).
  • Kirca, Ahmet, William O. Bearden and Kendall Roth (2011), "Implementation of Market Orientation in the Subsidiaries of Global Companies: The Role of Institutional Factors," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 39: 683-699.
  • Kramer, Thomas and Lauren Block (2011), "Nonconscious Effects of Peculiar Beliefs on Consumer Psychology and Choice," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 21(1), 101-111.
  • Wilcox, Keith, Thomas Kramer, and Sankar Sen (2011), "Indulgence or Self-Control: A Dual Process Model of the Effect of Incidental Pride on Indulgent Choice," Journal of Consumer Research, 38(1), 151-163.