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Program Examples

Samples of the Center's Customized Program Offerings

  • Customer Focused Management: for an aircraft manufacturer, teaching the concept of being customer-driven
  • Year-long Executive Development Program: for a medical school, an in-depth program for medical professionals who have had little or no managerial training
  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager: for an insurance company; a custom-designed approach where finance is taught using the corporate balance sheet and income statement
  • Team Diagnosis and Training: for a small manufacturing company, to determine its readiness for team training
  • Labor Law Update and Performance Appraisals: ¬†for an industrial plant, an update for all front-line supervisors
  • Management Development Program: for a financial institution group; tenth annual program designed especially for this association
  • Process Improvement: for a mortgage company; a TQM initiative in a non-typical service industry environment
  • Supervisory Development: for an iron works company; half-day programs conducted over eight weeks
  • International Business Training: for a Fortune 500 corporation; an introductory one-week course on doing business globally