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Being an Effective Leader

March 30-31, 2017

Event Description:

Find the way to professional success by utilizing the Six Domains of Leadership Model.  Discover your individual leadership strengths and areas for development through the use of the SDLS assessment tool, resulting in a personalized development plan. 

The course is designed to help participants:
  • Interpret their leadership survey results and start a personal development plan
  • Understand the "Six Domains of Leadership" and how to apply them to their leadership role at work
  • Develop a leadership plan for their team designed to improve its performance and/or align it to organizational strategy
  • Work to further develop their leadership strengths while improving their weaker areas in order to become an effective leader

Contact Information:
Jennifer Smith


Event Location:

Daniel-Mickel Center for Executive Development
Darla Moore School of Business
1014 Greene Street
3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 29208


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