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Resume Writing & Interviewing

Resume Preparation

We have completed significant research — benchmarking with top business schools and key employers — to develop a resume template that provides key information employers want, in the format that works best for them. Before you begin your job or internship search, prepare your resume in our unique Moore School template — instructions for using the template are also available. Your Moore School resume will require a critique and approval by our staff during on-call hours. An approved resume is required to attend the Moore School Business Expo and other career events.

We offer a variety of resources to assist in your job search. The Office of Career Management is located on the 2nd floor of the Darla Moore School of Business 

Once your resume is approved, you may upload it to USC JobMate, our custom online recruiting software used to manage job postings, on-campus interviews and corporate information sessions. 

Interview Preparation

We offer a variety of resources to assist in  your job search and career planning, including online assessments, resume critique and mock interviews.