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Online & Virtual Recruiting

At the Darla Moore School of Business, we know it is not always feasible to schedule a visit to campus. We invite you to post a job description, request a resume collection, or complete a resume search to identify talented candidates for your positions.  Through one-on-one conversations, we can answer questions regarding program content to assist you in your search.

Post Jobs and Internship Opportunities

To post your available position(s) and request a resume collection, please visit USC JobMate, our online recruiting system, to create or log in to your existing account, and complete our "Non On-Campus Recruiting" Request (Non OCR). You can also contact our staff for assistance in setting up your account or posting jobs and internships.

You can build your job requirements (e.g. concentration area, unique skill sets, language proficiency, and other criteria) to target a specific student population through USC JobMate. After you've selected your requirements, positions are posted and qualified students apply. Resumes are downloaded and sent to you in one bundle, or candidates can reply directly to an e-mail address or URL, whichever you prefer.  

Search Resumes

To begin a resume search, please visit USC JobMate to create or log in to your existing account. From the Student tab, you can create your search requirements (e.g. experience, skill sets, language proficiency) and download resumes directly.

If you prefer, we can complete this search on your behalf. For more information, please contact our Manager of Employer Relations.

Telephone and video conference (virtual) interviews are available. To schedule, click here.