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Moore Alumni Europe (MAE)

Moore Alumni Europe hosts events twice a year to bring together all alumni of the Darla Moore School of Business for networking and fun. The group has been having these events for over 25 years in different European cities. The networks and friendships that are established during these weekends span class years and have benefited many Moore School alumni living in or passing through Europe.

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MAE Geneva Oct. 7-9, 2011

We kicked our get together off Friday evening with a welcome dinner at one of Nyon's local pizzerias - as people arrived at various times. Dinner stretched into night as we entered into passionate discussions on hot Swiss expat topics - so that by the time we headed out for one last drink (herbal tea anyone?) we closed down the bar after only one round... Of course we were only warming up for the real event!

Saturday morning - to ensure no one would go hungry after breakfast, we got together for another round of coffee and croissants. Really just a late version of the Swiss German "Neunie" - aka snack at 9. Neunie ended up being more of an Elfie (same at 11) as Kaz and David went missing (how much herbal tea had they drunk?); but were quickly found by John, one of our Global trackers, who surprised us all with his early morning Japanese...  

Fortified with enough calories to make it through our morning alcohol consumption - we visited the beautiful village of Bursin - and the authentic and old school style of wine tasting with Yvan Parmelin. Very unassuming and traditional, yet Yvan's wines are sold via one of the major Swiss retailers. Amongst the wines tasted was one harvested using horse-drawn equipment. Organic wine to the extreme!  As of course we all suddenly felt the need to restock our wine cellars, we entered upon the next feat of the day: the logistical organisation of wine picking, packing and transport - with payment somehow falling by the wayside (Raffi, of course, will pick up those open bills, right Raffi?)

We had an excellent lunch of traditional perch filet in a local restaurant in Bursins.  The waiter was appalled when we asked for ketchup for the fries and immediately assumed it was for Anna’s 7-year old daughter. There was nothing for it but honesty - and after the older generation had finished with the bottle we did share it... We had to use discretion from then on as the waiter made it clear the results would be dire should it touch the fish. 

After a brisk walk through the ancient village, with its hills of vineyards and gorgeous old buildings, we landed at Cave Beetschen for the 2nd wine tasting. Our hosts Claire Marie and Raffi had planned a complete contrast to the morning - and delivered it 100% with the Cave Beetschen - where we met the new generation of winemakers. The Cave is a beautifully decorated, modern set of rooms with (rather important by then) large and comfortable sofas. And fabulous wine! Do try to get to Switzerland to get your hands on a few of those bottles. Again, though a family owned operation, we were lucky enough to enjoy a product from a winemaker decorated with prestigious Swiss wine awards. 

We walked through further vineyards to clear our heads and slightly sober up, before ending up at the Auberge Communale Gilly for a presentation and dinner. Gabriele gave an update from the Moore School - where we learned more details on the new business school building, which just celebrated its groundbreaking. We studied the images in detail, envied the new students, and remembered our own time in the current business building. Gabriele provided us with as many stats as we could wish for; we learned about the innovative Telepresence solution, as well as the building's green goals. We were also given an update on two new product launches: IBCE with Chinese University of Hong Kong (undergraduate) and Masters of Mgmt with University of Mannheim. On another good note, we learned that full-time job placement for the IMBA program is relatively high (85-90%) and is trending with last year. 

We then got into the collaborative element of the evening - solutions for intern placement within Switzerland. Though perhaps not all the interns will end up in Switzerland ;), we brainstormed companies and discussed methods to place the upcoming Europe-based interns: 11 German trackers, 6 French, 1 Spanish and 2 Italian. The group raised concerns over a perceived lack of marketing and awareness about the degree - and of course suggested constructive solutions on how to help get the word out to current alumni, prospective students and companies.  As throughout the weekend, we then enjoyed a wonderful dinner and conversation…

After a sleep in Sunday morning, we met modishly late for a last coffee and croissant - and began planning our next get together! 

See everyone there!!! 

 Dates  Locations Organizers   
 Oct 7-9, 2011  Geneva (Nyon), Switzerland  Raffi Chammassian (MIBS SP'99), Claire Marie Gigon (MIBS FR'91)  
 Jun 3-5, 2011      Brussels      Greg Pilkington (MIBS FR '01)  
Jun 4-6, 2010 Berlin, Germany Thomas Eberhardt (MIBS FN'99), Travis Heneveld (MIBS FR'97), Jennifer Sims (MIBS GE'99) Itinerary
Oct 16-18, 2009 Brussels, Belgium David Laurence (MIBS FR'99), Cheryl Miller (MIBS JA'96), Greg Pilkington (MIBS FR'01) Itinerary
May 1-2, 2009 London, UK Pier Messineo (MIBS IT'02), Dino Zannetos (MIBS GE'00), Sherry Duhe (MIBS FR'02) Summary
Spring 2008 Garmisch, Germany    
Spring 2005 Budapest, Hungary Ted Fischer  
Oct 15-17, 2004 Paris, France Lauren Ball (MIBS FR'03)  
Apr 30-May 2, 2004 Stuttgart, Germany Reimer Clausen (MIBS FN'83)  
Oct 30-Nov 2, 2003  Bucharest, Romania Ioana Tudor (MIBS VI'97)  
May 29-Jun 1, 2003 Antwerp, Belgium Cheryl Miller (MIBS JA'96)  
Sep 27-29, 2002 Copenhagen, Denmark Peter Kluivers (MIBS FN'90) and Barbara Knup (MIBS GE'90)  
May 10-12, 2002 London, UK Justin Rudwell (MIBS FR'00), Justin Dowling (MIBS VI'97), Marnie de Koenig (MIBS SP'90), Gabriele Koebler (MIBS FR'96)  
Sep 28-30, 2001 Freiburg, Germany Klaus Kunzmann (MIBS FN'83)  
May 24-27, 2001 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paul Jellema (MIBS FN'90), Craig Lippincott (MIBS GE'95), Raffi Chammassian (MIBS SP'99)   
Oct 6-8, 2000 Milan, Italy Lynn Chasson (MIBS PO'98), Sheila Clifford (MIBS IT'94)  
May 19-20, 2000 Munich, Germany Tony Lindstrom (MIBS FR'98)  
Oct 8-10, 1999 Paris, France Travis Heneveld (MIBS FR'97)  
May 13-16, 1999 Hamburg, Germany John Kuffel (MIBS GE'90)  
Oct 9-11, 1998 Vienna, Austria John Kuffel (MIBS GE'90), Craig Lippincott (MIBS GE'95), Anne Shiraki (MIBS GE'90)  
Oct 3-5, 1997 London, UK Jean Rigatti (MIBS JP'89), Roy Schijns (MIBS FN'90)  
May 1-2, 1997 Maastricht, Netherlands Paul Jellema (MIBS FN'90), Roy Schijns (MIBS FN'90), Jan Vollaers (MIBS FN'89)  
Jun 6-8, 1997 Trier, Germany Craig Lippincott (MIBS GE'95)  
Oct 4-6, 1996 Prague, Czech Republic Paul Jellema (MIBS FN'90)  
Apr 19-21, 1996 Antwerp, Belgium Jan Vollaers (MIBS FN'89)  
Oct 13-15, 1995 Berlin, Germany Klaus Kunzmann (MIBS FN'83)  
Apr 18-23, 1995 Barcelona, Spain Fred Hamblen (MIBS GE'90)  
Sep 30-Oct 1, 1994 Zurich, Switzerland Vince Reardon (MIBS GE'91), John Huss (MIBS FN'91)  
May 13-15, 1994 Paris, France Lee Anna Makhloufi (MIBS FR'92), Steven Nadeau (MIBS GE'86)  
Oct 1-3, 1993 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paul Jellema (MIBS FN'90), Paul Terlouw (MIBS FN'91)  
Apr 20-May 2, 1993 Cologne, Germany Michele Lambert (MIBS SP'90), Rainer Burkart (MIBS FN'90)  
Nov 20-22, 1992 Brussels, Belgium Aileen McManamon (MIBS GE'89), Barbara Knup (MIBS GE'90), Peter Kluivers (MIBS FN'90)  
May 1-3, 1992 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Rob Huting (MIBS FN'90), Jan Vollaers (MIBS FN'89)