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1994 Distinguished Award Winners


  Mr. Samuel Hugh Vickers
BS '58
Chairman and CEO
Design Containers

Chairman and chief executive officer of Design Containers, Inc. since 1973. Design Containers and affiliated company, Design Overseas Trading Corporation, are world leaders in supplying containers for roofing asphalt. Was president and chief executive officer of Good Hope Industries from 1972 to 1973. Was quarterback for the USC football team and member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
  Mr. Roger W. Chastain
BS '64
President and Cheif Operating Officer
Mount Vernon Mills, Inc.

Worked with Riegel Textile Corporation after graduation. Served as corporate director of industrial engineering, plant manager, vice president of operations, president of the consumer goods group, president, COO, and director. Was president of Riegel when it was a Fortune 500 Company. Corporation acquired by Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. in 1985. Named executive vice president and director and president of Riegel Division. Named president, COO, and director of Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. in 1993. 
  Mr. Mack Ira Whittle, Jr.
BS '71, MBA '75
President and CEO
Carolina First Corporation

Began with State Bank and Trust Company of Columbia, which changed its name to Bankers Trust of South Carolina. Served as trust officer and later as vice president of commercial business development and vice president and city executive for Bankers Trust. Was then appointed senior vice president and regional officer. Founded Carolina First Bank on December 19, 1986. Has been one of the fastest growing banks in the Southeast with holding company assets of $1 billion as of 1994. Serves 25 communities in 14 South Carolina counties from 45 banking offices. 
  Ms. Catherine Hines Wills
BS '71, MBA '72
Executive Vice President
Maybelline, Inc.

Held various posts at Maybelline including senior vice president – marketing services, senior marketing manager, director of marketing, group marketing manager, marketing manager. In 1990, became executive vice president of marketing, reporting directly to the president and CEO. Maybelline, Inc. is a publicly-held corporation based in Memphis, Tennessee, and is ranked number two in the mass marketed decorative cosmetics business.