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Distinguished Alumni/Service Awards

The awards for Distinguished AlumniDistinguished Young Alumni and Distinguished Service are the highest honors that the Darla Moore School of Business bestows. The 2017 Leadership Dinner and Awards Ceremonny was held April 20 to recognize individuals who have a history of service to the Moore School, the University of South Carolina and the community,

The Distinguished Young Alumni award recipients must be 40 years of age or younger in the year the award is presented.


The Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Young Alumni awards are presented to alumni of the Moore School with outstanding achievements in business, academia, government, or not-for-profit organizations, and/or outstanding service to the business school.


The Distinguished Service award is presented to an individual who has rendered extraordinary service to the Moore School.

2017 Distinguished award winners

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Nominations for these awards are accepted annually on a rolling basis. To nominate someone for a Distinguished Award, please use this form.


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