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Graduate Referral Form

In an effort to expand the quality of our alumni network and attract more high-potential applicants, the Moore School of Business has created a referral incentive program for the IMBA Program.  Alumni will be rewarded for steering prospective students to the IMBA Program.

When a graduate alumnus from the Moore School brings or sends an IMBA candidate to an alumni/admissions recruiting function the alum will receive a Barnes & Noble $25 gift card. For each prospective student that submits an application to the IMBA program, the graduate alum who refers them will receive a $25 gift card. For each applicant that enrolls in the IMBA program, the graduate alum who referred them will receive a $50 gift card. Thus the higher the quality of the prospects you refer to IMBA, the greater the gifts you can earn.

So don’t be shy…brag about USC’s top-ranked IMBA Program and encourage others to Experience Moore!

Prospect's Zip/Postal Code; Prospect's Employer Name; Prospect's City; Prospect's Undergraduate Institution