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Mentor Program

At the Darla Moore School of Business, we are in the business of preparing our students to be future business leaders who possess leading-edge functional skills, critical soft skills such as professionalism, team work, leadership, communication, and relevant real-world experience.  The Moore School Mentor Program provides a valuable opportunity for students to explore and develop their academic and professional goals through the practical insight, coaching and experiences of business professionals. Mentors are Moore School graduates and affiliated business professionals who are successful and experienced, and have volunteer their time to mentor our Moore School students.

The program gives business students the opportunity to form one-on-one relationships with accomplished mentors in their industry of interest, begin building their networks in their field of study, and defining their academic and professional goals.  At the same time, mentors support and contribute to the Moore School with their time and talent by sharing their collegiate and professional experiences with our students. While the program is a great way for students to connect with professionals for valuable career guidance and other support, it is not intended to serve as a job search path.

Applications are accepted each fall semester.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, students eligible to participate include undergraduates who have a business major, are classified as a junior and hold a minimum 3.0 GPA.


The mission of the Mentor Program is to provide our students with opportunities to define their academic and professional goals, develop career skills and define their personal competencies through guidance from Moore School alumni and affiliated business professionals.  The program provides new opportunities for both students and alumni engagement at the Moore School.


  • Connect students with talented and experienced business professionals (based on industry interests) that can serve a resource, guide and advisor during their rigorous academic career and preparation for their professional career.
  • Ensure quality and valuable interactions by educating and emphasizing the importance of respect, honesty, sincerity, and appreciation in every mentorship interaction.
  • Provide support and guidance trough the mentorship experience and serve as a connection for both mentors and mentees.

Focus Areas

  • Career Preparation: Support students during their academic studies to best align career aspirations with academic endeavors while encouraging students to utilize available student services and resources.
  • Career Planning: Help students gain insight on the best ways to begin their careers, transition to new areas, and pursue experiences to enhance their career progress. 
  • Network Building: Provide students with opportunities to broaden and expand their networks and relationships with alumni and affiliates of the Moore School.
  • Knowledge and Skill Transfer: Provide students with opportunities to develop skills and abilities, increase their knowledge of industry areas, learn from a mentor's experiences and lesson learned, and gain perspective on recent developments in business.

To learn more about the Moore School Mentor Program, please contact Steve Barth, Director of Student Services and External Relations, at