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Undergraduate course work at the Darla Moore School of Business leads to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Undergraduate programs, generally completed in 122 credit hours, emphasize a strong liberal arts background combined with theory and practice in business administration. The integrated core curriculum provides a solid business foundation by introducing students to marketing, management, finance and risk management, production and operations management, and their relationships to each other.

Courses common to all programs include business communications, entrepreneurship, and international business, as well as accounting, economics, computer applications, and business law.

In addition to a core curriculum, other courses are required in English, history, foreign language, natural and behavioral sciences, and other disciplines. The requirement of 18 hours of directed study outside the school encourage students to select one of the many minors offered by the University.

Structured electives can lead to a double major or stronger emphasis in a particular field. Professional advisors are available throughout each student's academic career to help with decisions and develop career possibilities.