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Business at Moore

2016 Business at Moore Summer Program

The 2016 Business at Moore Summer Program was held June 18-24, 2016 and was a great success! 

A special "Thank you" goes out to all of the faculty who taught classes for these bright, aspiring students. Your time and knowledge were greatly appreciate and our students learned much from you.  Many of them talked about how different college learning is from high school and you all inspired them to want to explore their future with a college degree.  Our teaching faculty included Robert Lambdin, Joel Stevenson, Courtney Worsham, LIndsay McManus, Barbara Bolt, and Mark Cecchini. 

Many Moore School faculty also gave of their time and expertise when they volunteered for lunches with our students.  These information session allowed students to ask questions about academics and employment in our faculties' fields of expertise in an informal setting where they didn't hold back on their questions.  Those that joined us for lunch included Scott Jackson, Joel Stevenson, Aldon Lanctot, William Hauk, Chelsea Rae Austin, William Sandberg, Andrew Newman, Greg Neihaus, Nancy Buchan, Aaron Zimbelman, Dean Kress, John McDermott, Courtney Worsham, Tim Baker, Orgul Ozturk, and Marlys Lipe.

We were also privileged to have University and Moore School staff, as well as alums and current students, join us for specialized conversations that will help out students as they prepare for college and determine the path most beneficial to their futures.  These include Aerialle Crawford, a former BAM student and a current MHR student in the Moore School, as well as the owner of Pink Portfolio; Brian Shelton and Christy Herb of Moore School Admissions and Advisement; Susan Kuo, Karen Britton,  and Robbin Wilder from USC's Law School; Lloyd Johnson (retired), Global Managing Director for Finance and Audit, Accenture; Kelty Riddle, Human Resources, AgFirst; Sara Easler for International Business Study Abroad; Brandon Etheredge, former BAM student and current undergrad at USC, as well as the owner of Deckhead; and Anthony Brockington for Gamecock Guarantee.

The judges for our team projects hold a very important role in the weeks, for they must decide which team has the most viable product or service and the best business plan to implement their idea.  It is not a task for the faint of heart.  This year our judges included Kelty Riddge of AgFirst, Lloyd Johnson of Accenture, and Donna Schmitt, faculty in the School of Accounting. 

The winning products from this year's competition were:  In third place, the E-Charger - a cell phone case that powers a cellphone with solar energy coupled with a power stick in the form of a bracelet that charges via kinetic energy as you move throughout the day.  Second place went to the Epsi-Shoe, a convertible shoe that goes from pump to flat in a matter of second for stye and comfort.  And our first place winners were the creators of the Drip System cooling athletic wear, which contains a light weight mini-pump connected to a compact tubing system that pumps cooled water through the material to keep athletes and business men alike cool and comfortable in the "famously hot" Columbia heat.

The short video below features student who participated in the 2016 program discussing the benefits of Business at Moore.  We hope to see all of our 2016 Business at Moore participants on our campus in Fall 2017.

The Business at Moore program is designed for high-achieving, high school juniors who are under-represented in business and have expressed an interest in pursuing a business degree.  Participants live on campus for one week, enabling them to explore the many opportunities available to them with a business degree and to experience college life. It also gives participants a chance to meet other high school students from throughout the state, as well as current Moore School students and faculty.

Thanks to our program sponsor, Wells Fargo, this program is available at no cost to the student. Through the program’s classes and activities, the student will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the essentials of how a business operates
  • Learn how executives make business decisions
  • Find out what types of jobs are available in business
  • Talk with and learn from USC students, faculty and local business executives

In addition to attending business classes and working on a group project, the students experience campus life by living in the dorms, sharing meals on- and off-campus and exploring some of the local entertainment venues. 

Students who attend the Wells Fargo Business at Moore School summer program and enroll in the University of South Carolina as a business major are eligible to apply for renewable four-year scholarships available through the Darla Moore School of Business and various Moore School alums who have established scholarships for BAM students.