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The Management Department focuses on such areas as entrepreneurship, strategic management, human resources, business communication, business ethics, and organizational behavior. The Department offers majors in human resources and entrepreneurship as well as a broad range of courses in areas ranging from strategic management to business communication. 

To support our educational mission, the Management Department relies heavily on the Faber Center for Entrepreneurship, the Riegel & Emory Human Resource Center, the Center for Executive Succession, and the Center for Business Communication.  These centers work to support research activities, promote links between USC and the business community, and build competencies and skills among both undergraduate and graduate students.  

Students in the Darla Moore School of Business who wish to major in Management may choose from a concentration in the Human Resources area or a concentration in Entrepreneurship.  These majors are designed to help students develop competencies and skills relevant across a broad range of organizational roles, as well as roles specifically involving human resources or entrepreneurship.