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IB Student Spotlight
An international business and accounting major, and Spanish minor from Augusta Georgia, senior Lauren Gubosh has taken advantage of the vast range of short- and long-term study abroad opportunities in San Jose, Costa Rica, Tokyo, Japan and Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, provided by the Darla Moore School of Business. Lauren became interested in international business after her freshman year. “I studied abroad in Costa Rica, and I was able to dive into the different cultures, businesses and sustainability efforts in three very different cities. I became well educated about global supply chain, national competitiveness, international trade and investment and other global business topics that I never knew before. This study abroad program truly opened my eyes on wanting to be an international business student and wanting to learn more about this ever-changing and increasingly globalized world.”

Lauren was given the opportunity to tour many international companies during her time abroad. “When I was in Costa Rica, we were able to experience each step of the supply chain of Wal-Mart’s produce by visiting the farms, the distribution center and finally a Wal-Mart store. It was really interesting that produce that was picked from a farm that morning, made it to the shelves of Wal-Mart by 1 in the afternoon.

Also from her time abroad, Lauren gained a strong grasp on living with a truly transnational mindset. “The importance of a global mindset—the ability to have a worldwide perspective on different concepts while having the capacity and flexibility to adapt to different cultures and environments—is paramount to compete in this ever-changing and increasingly globalized world,” she says.

Despite her time spent on and off USC’s campus, Lauren’s life has been heavily saturated with campus life. Between her involvement on campus as the secretary of Chi Omega sorority, where she managed the budget and dues collection for a chapter consisting of more than 350 members, and working for the Office of International Activities in the Moore School, Lauren still finds time for friends and USC sports.

After graduating in May, Lauren hopes to continue her education at USC by either attending the Master of Accountancy program or the University of South Carolina’s Master of International Business Double Degree Program.

Faculty/Staff Spotlight
Daniel Ostergaard first arrived at the Moore School in 2010 following a 20-year career that spanned the globe (he has worked in 67 countries; lived in 13 locations).

Graduating from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1994, Ostergaard was commissioned as a seagoing officer. Following 9-11, he served as Governor Jeb Bush’s Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Liaison in Washington, D.C., where he worked closely with the White House, the Congress, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Thereafter, he served in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security where he was a senior adviser to Secretaries Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. Ostergaard led the Homeland Security Advisory Council and facilitated dialogue with our international stakeholders.

He eventually founded Pelorus Enterprises, LLC, an international business development consulting firm. Additionally, Ostergaard was elected to a part-time municipal office and served as a volunteer Police Department Community Facilitator. In 2007, he was appointed as the Director for Western Carolina University’s Institute for the Economy and the Future and served as faculty for both International Business and Criminal Justice. He founded a commercial organic cattle ranch in the mountains north of Asheville, North Carolina, producing organic beef, rabbit, chicken, eggs, honey and fruit.

He holds two Master degrees (Harvard University; U.S. Naval War College) and soon a Ph.D. in Business Administration – International Business (expected, 2016). His primary field of research is I.B. and security. Serving as a USC faculty member since 2011, he led the Master of International Business Program from 2012 to 2015.

“Our faculty and staff are on the cutting edge of I.B. education - fostering and developing transnational mindsets," Ostergaard says. “This is a dynamic and exciting group of visionaries. The perfect marriage of theoretical and real world prepares our students for the ever-changing business environments they are entering upon graduation.”

Ostergaard’s classroom approach is a blend of experiential learning, theory, practical application and a few sea stories thrown into the mix. Ensuring that his students receive hands-on training to supplement theory, his students gain knowledge and insights from international speakers, public and private sector site visits, and consulting projects with actual companies. He also devotes time to engaging students on multiple levels: mentoring and identifying international opportunities, offering supplemental classes on professional development, and hosting events at his home where students practice networking and interacting with local public and private sector leaders.

“Our students are not just being shuffled through an impersonal process,” states Ostergaard. “I.B. students have a strong sense of camaraderie and ownership – not just with their cohort peers – but with the entire I.B. team. They are each integral to the success of the overall endeavor and as Aristotle said, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’”

This personal attention to each and every student has developed lifelong bonds with many of them over the years. “My favorite part of this job is receiving those emails and cards years after graduation… when the student shares some momentous event in their life and they make that connection between their time at the Moore School and the successful path they have pursued.”

Looking to the future, Ostergaard envisions more of the same from the Moore School’s I.B. department. “More of the same in the sense that we are constantly reinventing and evolving to meet the needs of the marketplace. As the world is changing, so too are the needs of our alumni. The crew of the I.B. Department are second to none and the future for the I.B. program at the Moore School is bright, indeed. I feel fortunate to be part of it,” says Ostergaard.

Alumni Spotlight
Her primary responsibilities include serving as a financial and investment adviser, facilitating the first year with Abacus client experience, and coordinating the Abacus checklists and processes as the “checklist queen.” Corinne enjoys being able to explain complex ideas, especially with the confusing jargon in the financial world, in ways her clients can understand. She is a firm believer in, “learning agility” a foundation USC provided her with, and continues to learn every day though challenging herself and working with a diverse clientele.

Corinne’s year abroad in Israel, where she worked with people from 60 different countries, prompted her curiosity on how other people problem solve; She learned to work with individuals with differing values. Since entering the real world, Corinne has enjoyed the success and opportunities provided through Abacus, but laments on the lost summer vacations and spring breaks since graduating from college.

Corinne would advise graduating IB seniors to take fun electives that interest and challenge them before graduation, and not to take everything with a potential career in mind. It is important to diversify yourself and know how to act in many different situations. "It doesn’t matter what your functional major is, USC provides you with a solid foundation to be an analytical thinker. Any job will train you, employers just want you to be open to learning, take on new material quickly, and evaluate problems analytically," Corinne explains.

Corinne has found her perfect balance between work and play in the real world, “I work hard care for 90 minutes, then take a 15 to 20 minute break,” Corinne comments. “And during those breaks, I spend my time completing jigsaw puzzles.”

December 2015

International Student Spotlight  

Dimitri Adriano has always had a passion for different cultures and traveling, but it was not until he arrived in the United States that he realized how dynamic and interesting the work of multinationals was and how much they influenced the economy. Based on this new discovery, Dimitri decided to pursue International Business and Economics, hoping to travel the world while working on an international scale. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, he speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese - skills that are sure to come in handy as he decides where he wants to start his career. Dimitri will be traveling to Hong Kong to study abroad, and looks forwards to seeing and appreciating a new culture. While at USC he had become an officer of the Gamecock Economic Society and currently participates in research projects with the university.

October 2015

Student Spotlight  

David Burick has been interested in international business from a young age and, upon applying to college, couldn’t turn down the chance to attend the #1 international business program in the country. This self-proclaimed Francophile is incredibly involved at USC as he’s the secretary of IBSAC, a new inductee into the Chi Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa leadership honor society and an active member of IRIS (Individuals Respected Identities and Sexualities), a student organization dedicated to straight-gay alliance. David has just returned from a semester studying abroad at ESSEC in Cergy, France. He says the experience was life changing, opening his eyes to a new confidence in himself and respect for others. After graduating David plans on staying at the Moore School and completing the double degree Masters of International Business program before attending law school.
International Student Spotlight  

Born in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, Muzna Al Raiisi is a highly motivated and dynamic student here studying at USC. She speaks three languages – English, Arabic and French – and aspired to be an international business student because she wanted to be part of a non-traditional learning experience. She’s studied abroad in France, where she befriended natives that she is still in contact with today. She also served as the president for the International Student Association last year at USC and led her team to the record attendance of over 700 guests to World Night. Last summer she was thrilled to intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Oman where she had the chance to work in the Deals – Advisory department, which she describes as a fully international experience – one day she would be assisting a team in Jordan and the next would be on a conference call with Qatar. After graduating she hopes to be involved in a multinational setting working in the finance services industry, and perhaps one day would like to start a private equity fund in the Middle East. No matter what she does, however, she plans on coming back to visit the Darla Moore School of Business at every chance she has.

December 2014

A 2011 graduate in international business, Stephanie Bedard now works with Neutrogena, a Johnson & Johnson company, leading process improvements, reporting, and data analytics. Stephanie has worked in several different parts of the business, and says no matter what part of J&J she's been with, it's always been refreshing to come to work knowing she helps make the world a healthier, happier place. Stephanie believes her education in international business gives her a perspective on the world and on multinational corporations that she might not otherwise have. It's never difficult for her to remember that she works in a global enterprise when she sees business calls on there calendar with partners across Asia Pacific and Europe at all sorts of odd hours. Although she works in a world where English is the foremost business language, with her Spanish studies at USC she has empathy for how difficult it can be to communicate in a language outside your own. That empathy, she says, can go a long way in pursuing international business relationships.
Student Spotlight   
  Andrew Kovtun is one of South Carolina's most distinctive students, and through his four years of undergraduate studies has traveled, interned or studied in 18 countries. His love of travel stems from his interest in learning - he says that the more he travels and interacts with others, the more he is able to comprehend societies in a way that transcends stereotypes or simplifications. A gifted student with a working proficiency in five languages, Andrew has chosen to pursue international business with a functional major in marketing, and an additional degree in economics from the College of Arts and Sciences. This coming spring he will travel to spend a year at Oxford as one of our first two international business-Oxford Scholars. Without a doubt Andrew's intellectual and social curiosity will take him far in the world, be it in international business or international diplomacy.
International Student Spotlight  
  Native to The Netherlands, Peter Jansen wasn't shy to come all the way to South Carolina if it meant helping his education. He had always been interested in operations, but when he decided that adding the "international" side to the business field would be exciting, he knew he had to study in another country. Fluent in Dutch, English and currently working on his French, Peter is accustomed to looking past geographical borders, and opening his opportunities through international experience. Here at USC he's involved in the Thinking Globally project, which aims to create intercultural awareness among American students. Back home in Tilburg he's the coordinator of a charity foundation called StichtingHeppie - an organization that offers;vacations to children and youths who can't afford it themselves. He's happy to be in the United States and praises his peers for their openness and friendliness towards other cultures.
 Alumni Spotlight  

October 2014

Student Spotlight    
It was his love for people that convinced Jon Thompson to pursue international business. Throughout all his travels, what most touched Jon was the humanity he found himself surround by everywhere he went. On the academic side, his interest in mathematics and writing gave him a strong disposition for business, and the cross-cultural interactions he was promised sealed the deal. Jon spent the spring 2014 semester abroad at our partner school in the United Arab Emirates and describes the experience as one that profoundly shaped both his personal character and his professional vision for the future. He is an outstanding student and a future leader; he completed a consulting internship with Deloitte last summer and is preparing to spend a semester at Oxford University where no doubt his individually and genuine interest in others will lead him great places.
 IB Athlete Spotlight  
  Danielle Au not only balances her triple major of international business, management and economics, as well as her Chinese minor, but also manages to keep up with the pressures of playing on USC's Varsity Women's Soccer Team. She's been on the team, ranked 15th in the nation, since her freshman year. Danielle has been happy to use her soccer skills to give back to the community - for several years she was a volunteer coach and mentor at USC Soccer Camps. In addition, she's been an intern for congressman Eric Cantor, writing memos for the senior policy adviser, as well as managing constituent work. Danielle hopes to pursue a master's degree in business and a career in public or foreign policy. Before that, though, she has signed to play with the professional soccer team Krokom dvarsatt in Sweden upon graduation. Go Danielle!
 Professor Spotlight  
  Randy Folks, the man who started our international business major from scratch, received his D.B.A, from Harvard in 1970. He worked at USC for 45 years before retiring in April of 2014. Thankfully, though, he hasn't left us completely - he still teaches International Corporate Finance, his specialized area. He's been involved in the Masters program, the undergraduate major, most of the cohort programs and the department's study abroad opportunities. His contributions to our program development and administration still make their mark today in multiple ways. For example, he was the one who designed the system used to accept International Business students into our major. So thanks, Dr. Folks - without you, many of us wouldn't be here!
 Alumni Spotlight  
After graduating the University of South Carolina in May of 2013, Steven Kanczewski went on to work as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he serves clients in their financial services practice. He enjoys being surrounded by other business professions, whom he learns from continually. Steven says that his study abroad experiences--to Spain and Chile--enhanced his job applications, especially since his classes at the University of Chile were taught entirely in Spanish. His experience in Latin America also helps his everyday job, as he works with the administrative support team in Argentina on a regular basis. Now that he lives in Charlotte, he joined the International House, an organization that coordinates free conversation clubs in foreign languages, participation in the Spanish and Portuguese groups whenever he can.

March 2014

Anastasia Papagni is an International Student from out partner school, Zürich University of Applied Sciences. Currently she lives in Woodrow, and often enjoys spending time on her balcony listening to music when there is a DJ on Greene Street or just simply basking in the Carolina sunshine. One of the biggest differences for her was the change in class structure. At her university most of the class grading was based on the final exam, with mostly group projects throughout the semester and not as rigid class schedules. After adjusting, she has found her favorite classes to be International Relations and Initiation and Business of New Business Enterprises.

"I'm happy I had the opportunity to be here a second semester. The first few months in a new place are exciting just because one's abroad. Now, where I'm at now is not surreal, is not superficial. My experience is not a semester long vacation, but something that is actually making my 'self' grow." Jane Marrazzo not only graduated from the Undergraduate international business program in 2011 but also received her Master of International Business from the Moore School in 2012. During her time she learned an open-minded approach to the global economy. Before going abroad to Taiwan and France, she had already been exposed to the way the world worked from a cultural, historical, and professional context. While abroad, one of the most interesting experiences she had was in Taiwan, when she tried a ham sandwich topped with mayonnaise and candy sprinkles. She currently works for Ernst & Young in their International Tax Services division where she works with a variety of clients from Spain, Asia, Africa and Russia.&

“It takes a certain type of person to study the global economy. It’s beyond just a major, it’s a personality type. We all have the same goals and ambitions when you find that group you’re going to stick together.

December 2013

Student Spotlight 
 For Zach Roth, growing up with children of ambassadors and diplomats in Silver Spring, Maryland and reading books by Donald Trump about international real estate, it was a fairly easy choice to major in international business and real estate. Learning Hebrew before English, Zach is a master of languages with the ability to also understand Latin and speak both French and Spanish. To Zach, a transnational mindset is the ability to be global while combining a localization mindset. He experienced this firsthand while spending the semester in Paris. He worked with his fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi, to utilize and mold the U.S. model to French culture in order to help a newly established chapter. Post graduation, Zach will remain at the University of South Carolina, taking part in the Masters of International Business program.
Professor Spotlight

Lite Nartey was born in Ghana and did her undergraduate degree there, but actually grew up in Zimbabwe. Some of her research interest include business-government and business-society dynamics and their implications on firm performance; political and social risk and nonmarket strategies; stakeholder engagement/management, strategic corporate social responsibility; extractive industries; Chinese investment in Africa; social innovations, social investment and social impact of business. At USC she teaches Introduction to International Business and Global Stakeholder Management.

"The best part about being an international business professor, especially here at the Moore School, is the ability to engage with a phenomenal set of students enrolled in the international business program! I’m always impressed by the diversity of global experiences, global interests, and global pursuits of the students I have had the privilege to teach in the program."
Student Spotlight   
  For Bader Almandeel, traveling the world is nothing new. Bader was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in China, the USA (New York and DC), Lebanon and Austria, and now he is an international business major at USC. He also majors in global supply chain and operations management, marketing and finance. In addition to knowing Arabic and English, Bader minors in Japanese. A highlight of his undergraduate experience was his internship with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). He’s grateful that this experience gave him an incredible opportunity to use the transnational mindset he’s gained at the Darla Moore School of Business.
 Professor Spotlight  
  Professor Nancy Buchan is the Director for the International Business Undergraduate Program. Her research focuses on the development of trust and cooperation across cultures and on understanding the intricacies of cross-cultural communication. Her main teaching interest are International Marketing and International Negotiations, which she teaches in the United States, Tunisia and Mexico. In her free time Buchan plays hand drums in a contemporary band at church.

“I love encouraging students to challenge themselves to achieve beyond what they thought possible; whether it is when working on a group project in class designing a marketing strategy for a new market, or when immersed in a foreign environment and learning how to cope, survive and even thrive.” 
 International Student Spotlight  
  Chang Cheng is an exchange student from one of our partner University’s, Renmin University. His favorite part about studying abroad has been the opportunity to be in the classroom with students from all over the world. He loves how everyone’s different ideas and beliefs can come together to make something new and innovative. One of the biggest differences he has noticed has been housing. He currently lives on campus in East Quad, an apartment style resident hall with one roommate from Ireland. Housing at the University of Renmin is slightly different with six students living in one room. 
 Alumni Spotlight  
   Adam Kess is a 2013 graduate of the international business program who currently serves as a business analyst for Deloitte Consulting. While in the program, he studied abroad for four months in Ecuador with a host family that did not speak English. In addition to expanding his Spanish capacities he partnered with a local professor and coauthored a paper on monetary policy in Ecuador. He says the most important thing he learned while in the international business program is the ability to work with across various cultures. In his current position this skill has allowed him to solve complex problems with a team made up of coworkers from Morocco, India and Nigeria. Adam will be a part of the Career Conference by co-hosting one of the breakout sessions about his experiences of securing his first post undergraduate job.