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Creating Global Citizens

Through this program, students have the opportunity to develop holistic skills that enable them to find synergies and build meaningful relationships across cultures, contexts and world-views:

Laying the Foundations of a Transnational Mindset 

IBUS 310 - Globalization and Business

Global managers must learn to function as effectively in other countries as they do in their own and to build bridges across the world by leveraging both similarities and differences. In doing so, they can navigate cultures and systems to seek integrative solutions to joint problems under conditions of high uncertainty. Thus, our faculty designed this premier introductory course that develops a student's cultural and emotional intelligence and challenges their personal, political and ethical awareness. Students learn and debate alongside classmates from various world regions, thus they experience firsthand how the assumptions and beliefs of people from other countries and cultures may be shaped by their home context. 

All upper-level international business courses build on this foundation, challenging the future professionals to think beyond the lens of their own world experiences. 

Building Leaders with Extensive Experience Functioning in Two World Regions

Four-year immersion in a cohort program

Our undergraduate program has a growing number of special four-year tracks that allow students to learn the language, culture and business environment of another world region through an intensive immersion experience. Twenty graduating high school students are united with 20 students from our leading partner institutions. As they study, exchange cultures and alternate campuses together they are able to develop valuable cross-cultural and professional competencies while also building long-lasting friendships. 

Click below to learn about each cohort program:

IBCE Track, Hong Kong               IBA Track, Chile                            MENA Track, Egypt
CIFA Track, France                       IBEA Track, Multi-Cultural

Networking with Some of The Best International Students and Schools

International partnerships

The Moore School's strong international relationships bring exchange students to campus from more than 45 of the top-ranked business schools in the world, while allowing International Business majors to spend a semester at these schools. These partnerships enable students to build a network of global contacts with future business leaders around the world, both through their own study abroad and by having students from these schools study on our campus. Click to learn more about the Global Exchange Program and about the international student community at USC. 

Developing Professionally, Personally and Socially Outside of the Classroom

Internationally-focused events

Study Abroad Fairs

To acquaint students with all the opportunities available for them to study abroad. The event is usually held at the beginning of each semester. 

International Education Week

To promote international activities and understanding on USC campus. This event usually takes place the second week in November. 

MOSAIC  Symposium

To promote diversity in international learning. The title of the event stands for Meaningful Opportunities for Students to Achieve International Competencies. This event usually takes place in the Spring. 

Annual World Night

To showcase international and local student performances from every region of the world. This event usually takes place in March. 

International business-focused student organizations

International Business Student Advisory Council (IBSAC)

To serve as the student-led advisory body for the International Business major. Officers are elected among third and fourth year students each year to organize activities on behalf of all students in the program. 

Sigma Omega Upsilon

To establish a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who want to develop their global awareness and cultural sensitivity while striving to become competent professionals who can thrive in today's international society.

Global Business Council

To promote a deeper understanding of international business through guest speakers, workshops and international outreach projects.

Net Impact Undergrad

To promote understanding and discussion between students regarding how businesses can be beneficial members of society

Social and cultural student organizations

Association of Saudi Arabian Students

To reflect a good picture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to provide aid and information to the Saudi students and their families and everyone interested in the Saudi Arabian and the middle eastern culture.

Bangladesh Student Association

A cultural organization for Bangladeshi students that presents the culture and heritage of Bangladesh at USC.

Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars

To establish friendships among Chinese students and between Chinese and American students.

Gamecock Bhangra

To create a bhangra team that is capable of representing USC in regional shows and competition.

Global China Connection - USC Chapter

A student-run organization dedicated to fostering deep and trusting personal relationships among Chinese and non-Chinese university students.

Global Leadership Network

Exists to create international professional networks through forums and other events that bring international students together with local professionals.

Indian Cultural Exchange

Provides an organization that teaches those interested in various aspects of the Indian culture, tradition, customs, and trends.

Indian Student Organization

Promotes the interaction of people of different cultures, provides a social support network for new Indian students and lets others know about the values and culture of India

International Student Association

To bring together American and international student members to form lasting friendships and enjoy cultural events, excursions coordinate World Night in the spring semester annually.

Iranian Student Association at USC

To sponsor Iranian social and cultural activities and events and provide support for the Iranian community.

Korean International Student Association

Provide information and assistance to future and current Korean international students to get adjusted into USC campus life and also to the American life style in general. 

Latin Dance Club

Practice, train, and exhibit skills of special dances such as salsa, bachatta, and merengue.


To expose students to Indian dance and culture.

Nihon Club

Exchange the Japanese culture with USC students.

Nippon Anime School of Heavenly Imagery (NASHI) Club

A student organization devoted to watching and collecting Japanese animation.

Omani Student Association

Introduce the culture of Oman to the American and international community at USC. 

Pan-African Student Association (PANASA)

To foster unity, facilitate learning, and promote the welfare and wellbeing of native African students, Africans in the Diaspora, and the content of Africa.

Students Associated for Latin America (SALA)

Promotes cultural awareness with regard to Latin American issues, countries and people both on-campus and outside the classroom.

Taiwanese Student Association

To provide service and networks for students and families from Taiwan
Introducing Turkish culture with activities, gathering Turkish students as a community.

Opportunities to Increase Language Skills Outside of the Classroom

Amigos del Buen Samaritano

To coordinate volunteers at the West Columbia location of Good Samaritan Clinic to interpret, to assist in electronic data entry of patient files, or to raise funds/write grants for the clinic.

Chinese Language Club

To assist any student in the learning and practice of the Chinese Mandarin Language (Putongwua) and to broaden students understanding of Chinese culture.
To pair students in the English Program for Internationals (EPI) with native speakers of English for conversation. Pairs are matched based upon gender and language preference as well as interests.

French Club

To bring together students and faculty with an interest in the French language, literature and culture.
To practice language skills and/or meet other people interested in German and the German-speaking countries outside of class.
Brings together students who are interested in the Russian Culture and language and provides a community for further understanding and awareness of Russia