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Steps for Applying

There are two options for students to enter the classic track of the international business major: an immediate admission from high school based on your application to the university or competitive admission through an application process following your first year in the Moore School.


1. Immediate Admission

Granted to Honors College students who declare an International Business major prior to enrollment. Students are encouraged to check the Pre-International Business major box on their USC application. Immediate Admission students must maintain a 3.500 USC/Institution GPA and complete 30 credit hours by July 1, 2017 to keep their place in the international business major. Students who meet these criteria are admitted directly into the major and do not compete with other students for admission.

2. Competitive Admission

Application process where students apply following their freshman year or first full year of enrollment in the Moore School. Students must have a 3.500 USC/Institution GPA and have completed 30 college-level semester credits.  The application for Spring 2018 is due June 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM. The deadline has been extended to finalize the new changes to the application process and to allow consideration in summer classes completed at USC by July 1.

The Admissions Committee reviews each student for:

  • Rigor of quantitative courses completed
  • Grades in math, business and language courses
  • Selected language for advanced study
  • Language level
  • Personal statement/essays
  • Clearly articulated career goals
  • Resume/other achievements
No single criterion is sufficient to qualify or disqualify a candidate. The major is subject to a cap on enrollment. Candidates may be well qualified but not admitted because of the limitations on program size. Admitted students are notified in August following their May application. The first IB major course is taught in the spring term following admission.

The application to start the major in Spring 2018 will be available in early April.

The Sonoco International Business Department hosted an information session on November 17, 2016 for prospective majors applying in the spring 2017 application cycle. The information presented is contained in the presentation below including the essay questions for the 2017 application. This presentation is applicable to the 2017 application only. Admission criteria and application essays are changed annually. 

Admission to four-year Cohort Tracks
The directions above describe the application process for the classical international business major at the University of South Carolina. For information on how to apply to one of our special regional tracks follow the links below:

IBCE Track, Hong Kong

IBA Track, Chile

IBMENA Track, Egypt

CIFA Track, France IBEA Global Track