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Special Thanks to Guest Speakers

The School of Accounting is very appreciative of donations from our alums and corporate supporters!  Gifts of time are every bit as important to our faculty and students as monetary donations.  For this reason, we would like to recognize the following individuals who enriched our students' academic experience with their knowledge and their presence.

Chris Bagwell (KPMG) visited Jared Jones' and Aaron Zimbelman's ACCT 406 - Auditing classes this past semester.

Joe Boyle (CFO, SC Education Lottery) and W. Kelly Jones (CFO, Blanchard Machinery) assisted with mock interviews for incoming students to the Master of Accountancy program. 

Courtney Thomas (Dixon Hughes Goodman), Megan Wright (Elliott Davis Decosimo), and Eric Farmer (Ernst & Young) assisted with Fellowship interviews for the Master of Accountancy program.

Jesse Bachman, Renee Maillet, Frank Mancuso, and Ben Beall (All of PwC) attended all five of the Timothy Baker's ACCT 404 - Accounting Information Systems classes to discuss risk assurance as a career.

Mark Cecchini's ACCT 737 - Systems II Class was visited by Jimmy Addison and Randy Senn (SCANA), Steven Fange (BCBS), and James Lathren (Benefit Focus).  Additionally, they visited ITology where they met with 15 to 20 IT professionals from BCBS, SCANA, VC3, Tcubes, ITology, T.M. Floyd & Co., and Edens.

The following individuals met with classes taught by Stan Smith:

ACCT 401 - Financial Accounting

Laura Rowell of SONOCO
Patrick Martin of Indiana University
Robert Parsons, CFO of Mashburn Construction
Yu Tian of University of Central Florida
Aaron Lawrence, Controller of Lennox Corp.
Bill Tayler of Brigham Young University
Raef Lawson of New York University

 ACCT 402 - Cost/Managerial Accounting
Nathan Bowser, Controller of Eaton Corp.
Tom Northcutt of Westinghouse
Buzz Rogers of Webster Rogers LLP
John Beauston of Moore Beauston Woodham
Ken Stone, Asst Deputy Controller, Comptroller of the Currency

ACCT 502 - Advanced Cost/Managerial Accounting
Terry Beasley of Devro Inc.
DeWayne Searcy of Auburn University
Yogesh Chavda (retired) of P&G
Mike Schock of SONOCO
Peter Kim of the U.S. Army
Darryl Leach of FPA Lennox Corp
Justin Boyd, Director, Elliott Davis Decosimo

All of Stan Smith's classes were visited by Sean Hillis and Lindsay Dupree of Robert Half & Associates.

Along with all of those who attended the Accounting Major Information Dinner to talk wit hour sophomores about an accounting carer, those who participated in Meet the Firms, and those who are involved with our students through events such as career fairs and case competitions, we are very grateful for your time and the knowledge that you share with our students!  Thank you for your continued support!