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News from FAD

Friends of Accounting (FAD) Board Approves Increase in Funding Support

In their 2015 fall meeting, FAD Board members approved funding an increase to faculty member budgets and to student support.  Faculty budgets are primarily funded from University accounts while an important portion is supplemented by the on-going support of FAD.  This action by the board addresses a critical need to raise faculty budgets to pay for such things as the CPE that is required to maintain professional licensing and allows faculty to participate and present at scholarly conferences, an activity that is crucial to maintaining school accreditation.  In terms of student support, the FAD Board voted to provide $9,000 during the 2015-2016 school year to the USC chapter of Beta Alpha Psi and $1,000 to the USC student chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).  In both instances, student officers presented an update of their activities to the FAD Board members and submitted detailed funding requests.  The student organizations were invited to return to the next FAD board meeting to provide on-going updates.  This is just one example of the close relationship being forged between FAD and students.

FAD Board Committees at Work

During the August 2015 FAD Board meeting, Tim Gallagher, current FAD Chair, charged the various committee heads to set goals for the upcoming academic year.  He expressed his gratitude to the Executive Committee and remarked about the "interest generated in our rejuvenated committee structure."  The Nominating and Internal Affairs Committee is headed by the past FAD Chair, Katie Conner Bogan.  This committee nominates FAD officers and members of the Board and drafts revisions when needed to the FAD Constitution.  The Student Development Committee is headed by Christina Putnam and assists in attracting top student to the School of Accounting, providing opportunities for students to interact with FAD members advising the School of Accounting in curriculum matters, and in developing and administering the Putnam and other scholarship funds.  Todd Dailey heads the Faculty Development Committee which assists in attracting and retaining top faculty to the School of Accounting and in developing, promoting and implementing opportunities for practitioners to help meet the teaching needs of the School  The Member Relations Committee is chaired by David Goldberg.  This committee plans the annual FAD Fall Kickoff event, provides communications to the members, and promotes active membership in the organization.  The Member Relations Committee implements programs and activities to encourage active membership in FAD including member contributions. 

If you have a desire to serve on a committee, your help is wanted and needed.  Please contact the SOA at 803-777-0170 or or a member of the FAD Board.  You can make a different in the life and education of a student.

2015-2016 FAD Board

Many changes have been made recently to the FAD Board and for this reason we would like to share with you the names of the current board members.

Board Member
Firm or Company
 Katie Conner Bogan  
 Past Chair  
 Tim Gallagher
 Chair  Grant Thornton
 Christina Putnam
 Vice Chair
 David Goldberg
 Secretary  PwC
 Todd Dailey
 Treasurer  Derrick, Stubbs & Stith
 David Ward
   Bauknight, Pietras & Stormer
 Blair (Southerland) Myers
   Bosch Packaging Services
 Renee Lewis
   Grant Thornton
Joe Esposito
 Jacob Nunn
   Bank of America
 JoAnn Eaddy
   Sumter Packaging Company
 Mark Rufail
 Matt Cauthen
 Andy Farmer
   Providence Hospitals
 Amanda Colgate
   Godshall and Colgate
 Jimmy Sfiris
   Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
 Stephen Hetherington
   LAD Corporation
 Matt Miller
   Elliott Davis Decosimo
 Brad Hocking
 Joy Middleton
   Middleton Law
 C. Warren Felkel
 Ray Brown
   Ernst & Young
 Andy Finley