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Future of Accounting

In recent meetings with senior firm leaders from Ernst & Young; Elliott Davis Decosimo; Dixon Hughes Goodman; and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), common themes about what will be needed by accounting graduates of the future have emerged.  These themes suggest that schools need to critically look at their curriculum and teaching.

Inspired by these conversations, School of Accounting chair Brad Tuttle sat down with PwC's US Deputy Tax Leader Billy Owens and Partner, Risk Assurance Services Darin Wettengel to discuss the role of information systems and business analytics in the present and future of accounting.  It was quickly clear that these topics are in high demand and that the future of accounting will require students be well trained in these areas.  With this in mind, along with the desire for USC faculty teaching to remain on the cutting edge, a decision was made to have the School of Accounting faculty, PhD students, and the officers of the accounting student organizations (Beta Alpha Psi, IMA Student Chapter, MACC Student Association, and National Association of Black Accountants) meet with Owens and Wettengel to learn what is needed for our current students to be prepared for a successful accounting career after graduation.

This Future of Accounting presentation will take place in the near future.  The presentation will focus on what the firm sees as being priorities in the field of accounting for the upcoming years and the training they will expect their students to receive before joining the workforce.  This will be followed by an interactive discussion with attendees to look at how the curriculum may need to change in order to meet these goals. 

Notes on the outcome of the meeting will be featured in the next issue of Reflections.