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Scholarships are vital to our students’ success.  These generous gifts allow our students to focus on academics rather than expenses.  We have lots of wonderful donors who provide scholarships for our students and we are very grateful to them. 
As you read in articles on the Neal Brothers and John Sparrow, scholarships were established in bot of their names designed specifically to assist accounting majors.  Likewise, the J.T. Brittingham, Sr. Endowed Fund provides a scholarship for an undergraduate accounting major with an expressed interest in public accounting with a local or regional firm in South Carolina, a strong connection to the Midlands, and a commitment to community service.  (There are other criteria as well that include academic merit and financial need.)
This year’s recipient of the Brittingham Scholarship is Jennifer Kingsmore.  She was honored on November 13, 2013 with a reception in her honor at Al’s Upstairs Italian.  Associates of Brittingham, Brown Prince & Hancock, CPAs were in attendance as were Jennifer’s parents, Scott Vandervelde, and Brad Tuttle.  We coordinated with Bill Hancock to distribute this award and he was very enthusiastic about their desires to assist Jennifer attain her academic goals.  Benefactors such as these are a true blessing to our students.
Other scholarship recipients include:
Neal Brothers Scholarship – Sara Burns
Putnam Scholarships – Eric Anderson, Ashling Griffin, Jennifer Kingsmore, and Jon Thompson
Financial Executives International (FEI) Scholarship – Michelle Chapman
IMA Scholarships – Jessica Atwood, Sara Burns, Philip Garner, and Kaeli Weaver
PCAOB Scholarships – Kira Miles
Students should check the School of Accounting scholarships page throughout the year for upcoming opportunities.