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MACC Retires a Leader

Jimmy Burkett, director of the MACC program and guide to hundreds of accounting majors as they planned their careers, retired in Fall 2013.  Jimmy joined the School of Accounting as an adjunct in 1994 and became a full-time lecturer and director of the Master of Accountancy program in 1995.  One of Jimmy’s goals was to insure that our Master of Accountancy students received the education they needed to become gainfully employed by the time of their graduation.  He earned the program the reputation of having an exceedingly high placement rate, often with 90% and above placed by graduation.  Many years reflect 100% placement!
There was always a line of students outside of Jimmy’s office as they sought his wisdom and advice on everything from what classes to take to planning for their future.  Jimmy was always straight-forward with “his” students, and he knew how to make them feel at ease.  They considered him not only a mentor, but a friend. 
Jimmy’s retirement has been difficult for both the School of Accounting and our accounting students as it is always hard to let go of those who work hard for a common cause and is also a dear friend.  However,  Jimmy seems to be enjoying his retirement as he spends time in the wood and on the river (translates to hunting and fishing).  He is still up at the crack of dawn to walk his dogs and he has time for more projects around the house.  He does stop by the office now and then to check on his mail or have lunch with Rich White, and he looks very happy when he does!
The search for a new director for the Master of Accountancy program was not easy.  The candidates had very large footprints to fill.  However, one of Jimmy’s former students, Jared Jones stepped up to the challenge and impressed the search committee with his enthusiasm and determination.  Check out the article on our new MACC Director, Introducing Jared Jones.