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Introducting Mary Marshall

Mary joined the School of Accounting in Fall 2013.  She has a B.S. in Accounting and Management from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Public Administration and Master of Accountancy from Wichita State.  After interning at a local Oklahoma firm, Koch Industries, and Ernst & Young, Mary took a position at Grant Thornton and worked in their tax department for almost two years.  After leaving public accounting, she decided give public budgeting a try—she worked as the Budget Analyst for the City of Derby, KS, for two years while finishing her MPA and Graduate Certificate in Public Finance.  She enjoyed researching new programs, especially collecting and analyzing data, and came to the realization that she would very  much enjoy the research aspect of a PhD program.  With this in mind, she has joined us in the School of Accounting.


Mary started out as a management science & computer engineering major, and took financial accounting in Maymester “to get it over with.”  She found she had an affinity for the subject - both in enjoyment and ability- and decided to pursue business as a major.  While at OSU her tax instructor Dr. Bud Lacy and her managerial instructor Dr. Maryanne Mowen inspired her to think about getting her PhD and teaching. She wanted to get some real-world experience to bring into the classroom first.  [Mary taught at a community college in Wichita for two semesters before coming to USC, and also spent a year teaching online courses.]  Mary was excited about the teaching aspect but unsure of the research requirements.  However, after being assigned to Dr. Melissa Walker and taking a class from Dr. Mark Glaser while getting her MPA at Wichita State, Mary found she truly enjoyed the research aspect of academia. This prompted her to go ahead and pursue a PhD in accounting.


Mary comes from an active family with varied backgrounds.  She met her husband, Mike, seven years ago in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  They live in Lexington with their three rescue dogs.  Petey, an 8 year old terrier who looks just like Toto from Wizard of Oz but is definitely “not in Kansas anymore”; Punkin, a 2 year old golden retriever/heeler mix, and Hercules, a 17 year old mutt.  All of Mary’s canine babies are rescue animals, with Hercules coming from one of the ‘take a puppy’ boxes outside a Wal-Mart. Her parents still live in her hometown in southeastern Oklahoma, where her mother recently finished her associates’ degree in Elementary Education at Tulsa Community College. She works as the full-time bookkeeper and office manager for the family business. Mary’s father is in the oil and gas industry and travels a lot for work; he is currently in Pennsylvania, but has spent time in various states throughout the country.  Mary has 2 brothers.  Her older brother, Max, lives in OK and is the housing director for East Central University.  Her younger brother, Michael, is a junior in high school in OK.  


In her spare time, Mary likes to read anything that is “mindless.” She jokingly states that her hobby is answering friend’s tax questions.  And her favorite place to visit is Disney World. She has been there 6 times: the first time when she was 10 years old and the last time was in 2010.  When asked what others might find unusual about her, Mary replied that she once won First Place in the 8 & under walk/trot Cleveland County horse show and third place in the McCurtain County fair small animal rabbit show.  She’s a small town girl and spent time in 4-H.


We welcome Mary to Columbia and to the School of Accounting!  We hope that will enjoy her time with us. 

 - Written by PhD student, Carolyn Westfall