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Introducing Nate Waddoups

Nate Waddoups joins the Ph.D. program in Accounting after attending Brigham Young University, where he earned both his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Accounting.  During his Masters education, Nate was in a Ph.D. prep track which is intended to introduce students to and prepare them for future success in a Ph.D. program. (It is yet to be determined how successful the prep track was in preparing Nate for the University of South Carolina.) However, Nate feels that he has gotten a great jump start towards success by following the guidance of more experienced and wise Ph.D. students, specifically his idol Billy Brink.


Nate comes from a family of seven children in which he is number four.  Admittedly, Nate suffers from “middle child’s syndrome” and therefore feels that any character flaws can be attributable to his birth order. He was born in Idaho, and yes, he loves eating potatoes.  Nate met his wife, Kim, at BYU and they have been happily married for eight years.  Together they have two children (Boston – Age 5 and Lily – Age 2), and they are expecting a third child (boy) in March 2014.


Nate is a huge college football fan and his number one team is BYU.  It is yet to be determined whether the Gamecocks will forever be his second favorite team.  BYU won the national Championship in the same year Nate was born and therefore the connection runs deep. Other than college football, Nate and his family enjoy the mountains, the beach, participating in sports, and watching Boston play soccer.  


Authors note: Nate will in fact have great success not only during the program but also in his future career (especially if he continues to consult with Billy Brink).  If you all have the pleasure to get to know Nate and his family I would highly recommend taking the time to do so.  Nate is extremely personable and intelligent and has all the redeeming qualities necessary for success.


-        Written by graduating PhD student, Billy Brink