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Emeritus Professors Going Strong

Dr. Jim Edwards

When most of us think about our retirement, we consider travel, working in our yards, and enjoying our favorite pastimes. Dr. Jim Edwards has been officially retired for several years now, but has not stopped teaching and publishing for the field of accounting. He teaches at least one course every Spring and Fall semester for the School of Accounting and/or the EMBA program and has published four articles during 2013, has one in editorial modification, and one commissioned by Strategic Finance for completion in the fall. Anyone who knows Dr. Edwards is not surprised by his active academic life. He truly enjoys the students and the opportunity to contribute to their learning and believes it is important to continue research that assist the accounting profession. Interim Dean John McDermott recently commented on Dr. Edwards’ achievements in retirement, stating: “It is quite extraordinary that he continues to be so active.”

For the Fall 2013 semester, Dr. Edwards pioneered a new format for one section of ACCT 502 – Advanced Cost/Managerial Accounting that involved teams of students working directly with companies such as Palmetto Health and AgFirst on cost and managerial accounting projects. This provided the companies with a value-added service in the form of accounting knowledge from our students and provided the students with hands-on work experience in a learning environment. A second trial of the course will be held in the Spring 2014 semester.

Articles submitted and/or published this past year by Dr. Edwards include:

“Executive Briefing: Effective Asset Management,” Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, October 2012.

“Cost Management in an Age of Prevailing Crisis,” Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, February 2013.

“The Global Company: Can It Help World Stability,” Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, August 2013.

“Managing Cash in Turbulent Times,” Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, Forthcoming.

“Current Developments in Mergers & Acquisitions,” Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, In Editorial Modifications.

Dr. Robert “Al” Leitch

Dr. Leitch continues to teach for the School of Accounting’s PhD program and collaborates on research with his current/former PhD students and other faculty. However, his retirement has also allowed him time to “dabble” in a former hobby that he has not undertaken since high school.

At first Dr. Leitch took a few art classes just to see if he still had the knack. He explored pastels, water colors, acrylics and oil paints. He quickly realized that his talent had never left and dove into his projects with relish. After bringing a few of his paintings by for view in the department, his wife, Paula Leitch, and Cynthia Parker, SOA Administrative Assistant, set up a mini-art show at his retirement party. Since his unofficial debut, Dr. Leitch has displayed his paintings at the State Fair, Crooked Creek Juried Show, Palmetto Fine Arts, Chapin Chamber of Commerce, Holiday Market and Custom Framing. His love of art has also led him to involvement in the Crooked Creek Art League where he serves as Workshop Coordinator.

Dr. Leitch’s artwork can be found at his own web site, Al Leitch Fine Art.