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Three interrelated missions of education, scholarship and service comprise the overall mission of the School of Accounting. The School of Accounting is dedicated to excellence in all three missions.

Educational Mission

Prepare students to become either successful accounting professionals in a global information society, or Ph.D. qualified accounting academics.

Scholarship Mission

Contribute to the accounting discipline and profession through the discovery, integration and application of knowledge.

Service Mission

Contribute to the international, national, state and local academic and professional communities.

There are numerous reasons to earn a degree in accounting and become an accountant including:

  • Accounting develops a good understanding of business and enhances fluency in the language of business
  • Accounting develops highly valued technical and analytical skills
  • Accounting provides job security even in times of recession
  • Accounting is a prestigious and respected profession
  • Accounting offers diverse career opportunities

        Accredited by AACSB International