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International Requirement

International Requirement

All undergraduate business students take nine credit hours of coursework containing international content. These hours may be used to fulfill other degree requirements in a student’s program of study.

At least three credit hours must be taken from Moore School courses such as those listed below.
  • ACCT 506 - International Financial Reporting
  • ECON 303- The International Economics
  • ECON 503- International Trade Economics
  • ECON 504- International Monetary Economics
  • ECON 505- International Development Economics
  • ECON 507- Comparative Economic Systems
  • IBUS 301- Introduction to International Business
  • IBUS 401- International Financial Management
  • IBUS 402- International Marketing
  • IBUS/MGMT 406- International Human Resource Management
  • IBUS/MGSC 405- International Information Systems
  • Approved coursework containing international business or international economics content, taken at a semester abroad program.
  • An approved Maymester or Summer overseas course containing international business or international economics content.
  • An approved internship course in international business wherein a student would obtain discipline- related work experience in a foreign country.

Up to six credit hours may be taken from courses offered inside or outside of the Darla Moore School of Business. Examples of two ways that students may meet this requirement are as follows:

 (a) Any two courses with international content from the above list of courses offered by the school or an approved list of courses with international content offered outside the school (see list of suggested courses in Section A).

 (b) Two language courses at the 200 level or above in same language (see list of language courses in Section B).
A. Suggested Courses with International Content

The following courses offered outside the Moore School may be used to meet the six-credit-hour requirement:

ANTH 208- Anthropology of Globalization and Development

ANTH 210- The Human Life Cycle in Different Cultures

ANTH 301- Latin American Cultures (=LASP 311)

ANTH 307- Cultures of Africa

ANTH 308- Japanese Cultures

ANTH 310- Cultures of Islam

ANTH 311- Middle Eastern Cultures

ANTH 312- Mexican Cultures

ANTH 314- Caribbean Cultures

ANTH 315- South Asian Cultures

ANTH 316- Southeast Asian Cultures

ANTH 350- Peasant Communities and Rural Development

ANTH 351- The Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective

ANTH 353- Anthropology of Law and Conflict

ANTH 355- Language, Culture, and Society

ANTH 381- Gender and Globalization

ANTH 515- Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures {=RELG 515}

CPLT 303- Great Books of the Eastern World

ENGL 348- African Literature

ENGL 390- Great Books of the Western World I

ENGL 391- Great Books of the Western World II

EURO 300- Introduction to European Studies

FILM 598T- Topic/Films from China

GERM 280- German Culture

HIST 102- European Civilization from the Mid-17th Century

HIST 104- Introduction to Civilization of the Islamic Middle East

HIST 105- Introduction to East Asian Civilization

HIST 106- Introduction to African History

HIST 109 - Introduction to Latin American Civilization

HIST 307- Family and Society in Europe

HIST 316- Nineteenth- Century Europe

HIST 317- Contemporary Europe from World War I to World War II

HIST 318- Europe from World War II to Present

HIST 320- The History of Great Britain

HIST 321- The History of Great Britain

HIST 328- Nineteenth-Century Britain

HIST 329-Modern and Contemporary Britain

HIST 333- France Since 1815

HIST 338- Modern Germany

HIST 342- The Slavs in History

HIST 343- The Fall of the Eastern European Empires

HIST 344- Eastern Europe Since WWI

HIST 347- The Middle East in Modern Times

HIST 348 North Africa from Colonialism to Revolution: 1830-1962

HIST 349- Contemporary Middle East and North Africa

HIST 351- Africa to 1800

HIST 352- Africa since 1800

HIST 354- Modernization of China and Japan

HIST 357- Japan to 1800: Aristocrats and Warriors

HIST 358- Japan since 1800

HIST 374- Nationalism: Myth and Reality

HIST 375- Nazis and Fascists in European History, 1919-1945

HIST 376- War and European Society, 1914-1945

HIST 377- Business in Historical Perspective

HIST 378- Urban Experience in Modern Europe

HIST 382- History of Crime and Punishment in the Western World

HIST 385- The Expansion of Christianity

HIST 386/ RELG 354- Islamic Institutions and Traditions

HIST 421 - Modern Latin America (= LASP 342)

HIST 542- The History of Modern Russia and the Soviet Union

HIST 543- Russian and Soviet Diplomatic History

HIST 562- The Middle East and the United States: 1800 to the Present

HIST 566- Problems in the History of Africa South of the Sahara

HIST 573- History of Traditional Chinese Thought. {=PHIL 573}

HIST 574- China in Revolution

HIST 575- China since 1949

HIST 576- Japan: The Military Tradition

HIST 577- Consumer Culture in Modern East Asia

GEOG 223- Geography of Latin America (= LASP 331)

GEOG 225- Geography of Europe

GEOG 226- Geography of the Middle East

GEOG 228- Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

GEOG 312- Geography and Global Geopolitics

GEOG 569- Environment and Development

POLI 101- Controversies in World Politics

POLI 103- Controversies in the Politics of Global Regions

POLI 315- International Relations

POLI 316- Comparative Politics

POLI 330- International Organization

POLI 340- The Conduct and Formulation of United States Foreign Policy

POLI 341- Contemporary United States Foreign Policy

POLI 342- National Security Policies of the United States

POLI 380- Comparative Politics of Developing Countries

POLI 381- Comparative Politics of Industrialized Countries

POLI 416- Revolution and Political Violence

POLI 417- Theories of War in International Relations

POLI 420- International Law

POLI 421- Law and Contemporary International Problems

POLI 430- Ideology and World Politics

POLI 432- Nationalism and Ethnicity in World Politics

POLI 433- Economic Aspects of International Politics

POLI 437- International Relations of Latin America (=LASP 451)

POLI 440- Russian Foreign Policy

POLI 441- Intelligence and Foreign Policy

POLI 442- Global Security Policies

POLI 443- International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific

POLI 444- International Relations in Japan

POLI 445- Political Economy of Africa's Regions

POLI 446- International Relations of Africa

POLI 447- Foreign Policies of Selected Powers

POLI 448- Politics and Government of China

POLI 449- International Relations of the Middle East

POLI 480- Politics and Government of Russia

POLI 481- Politics and Government of Europe

POLI 483- Middle East Politics

POLI 487- Politics and Governments of Africa

POLI 488- Politics and Governments of Latin America (= LASP 351)

POLI 489- Politics and Government of Japan

RELG 351- Religions of South Asia

RELG 352- Religions of East Asia

RELG 355- Introduction to Hinduism

RELG 356- Introduction to Buddhism

RELG 357- Introduction to Islam

RELG 358- The Qur'an and Hadith

RELG 359- Islamic Theology and Philosophical Thought

RELG 367- Sufism

RELG 369- Islamic Law

RELG 373- Holocaust and Religion

RUSS 280- Introduction to Russian Civilization

RUSS 319- Nineteenth- Century Russian Literature in Translation

RUSS 320- Twentieth- Century Russian Literature in Translation

SOCY 315- World Population: Problems and Policies


B. Language Options:

Students selecting foreign language courses to meet the six credit hour internationalization requirement should take all six credit hours
in the same language in courses above the introductory level. They may choose any one of the following languages:

Arabic  Chinese  French  German  Hebrew  Italian 
Japanese  Korean  Portuguese  Russian  Spanish  Swahili 


ARAB 201- Intermediate Arabic

ARAB 202- Intermediate Arabic

ARAB 280- Introduction to Modern Arabic Culture

ARAB 310- Conversational Arabic

ARAB 315- Intensive Readings in Arabic

ARAB 320- Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

ARAB 398- Selected Topics

ARAB 399- Independent Study


CHIN 221- Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (not accepted towards Chinese Studies minor)

CHIN 222- Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II

CHIN 240- Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies

CHIN 321- Advanced Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I

CHIN 322- Advanced Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II

CHIN 398- Selected Topics

CHIN 399- Independent Study


FREN 209- Reading and Written Expression

FREN 210- Oral Communication

FREN 300- French Phonetics

FREN 309- Introduction to French Texts

FREN 310- Advanced Oral Communication

FREN 311- French Grammar and Composition

FREN 316- Introduction to Business French

FREN 330- The French Theatre Experience

FREN 350- French Language Study in France

FREN 397- The French Film Experience

FREN 399- Independent Study

FREN 400- French Cultural History

FREN 416- Advanced Business French

FREN 450- Topics in Literature

FREN 451- French Literature and Culture before 1800

FREN 452- French Literature and Culture after 1800

FREN 453- Francophone Literatures and Cultures

FREN 501- La France Contemporaine

FREN 511- Technique of Literary Analysis

FREN 515- Advanced French Stylistics

FREN 516- French Phonology

FREN 517- French Linguistics

FREN 595- Selected Topics in French

SCHC 363- Proseminar in French (with permission)

SCHC 463- Proseminar in French (with permission)


GERM 210- Intermediate German

GERM 211- Intermediate German

GERM 216- Intermediate German for Business and Other Professions through the Internet

GERM 310- German Conversation

GERM 311- German Conversation and Composition

GERM 316- German for Business and Other Professions

GERM 320- German Kabarett Production

GERM 333- Study of German Abroad

GERM 340- Readings in German Literature

GERM 398- Selected Topics

GERM 410- Advanced German Conversation

GERM 411- Advanced Language Practice in German

GERM 416- Advanced German for Business and Other Professions

GERM 420- German Literature and Culture of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period

GERM 430- The Age of Goethe

GERM 440- German Literature and Culture of the 19th Century

GERM 450- German Literature and Culture from 1890-1945

GERM 460- Post-War and Contemporary German Literature

GERM 500- Survey of German Culture

GERM 515- Introduction to German Linguistics

GERM 598- Selected Topics in German


HEBR 201- Intermediate Hebrew

HEBR 202- Intermediate Hebrew

HEBR 310- Conversation and Composition

HEBR 398- Selected Topics

HEBR 399- Independent Study


ITAL 221- Intermediate Proficiency in Italian I

ITAL 222- Intermediate Proficiency in Italian II

ITAL 309- Vocabulary Building in Italian

ITAL 310- Italian Conversation

ITAL 311- Writing in Italian

ITAL 312- Italian-English Translation Skills

ITAL 350- Advanced Italian Abroad

ITAL 398- Selected Topics

ITAL 399- Independent Study

ITAL 400- Contemporary Italian Civilization

ITAL 404- Twentieth Century Italian Literature

ITAL 405- The Italian Love Lyric

ITAL 406- Business Readings in Italian

ITAL 407- Advanced Conversation and Composition

ITAL 412- Post- World War Italian Cinema

ITAL 499- Senior Project

ITAL 516- Practical Italian Phonetics

ITAL 560- Independent Studies in Italian Literature

ITAL 561- Independent Studies in Italian Literature


JAPA 221- Intermediate Japanese I

JAPA 222- Intermediate Japanese II

JAPA 223- Accelerated Intermediate Japanese

JAPA 321- Advanced Japanese I

JAPA 322- Advanced Japanese II

JAPA 323- Accelerated Advanced Japanese

JAPA 331- Japanese for Business I

JAPA 332- Japanese for Business II

JAPA 340- Introduction to Japanese Culture and Literature

JAPA 341- Modern Japanese Literature

JAPA 350- Japanese Culture and Society through Film

JAPA 351- Japanese Culture and Society through Theatre

JAPA 398- Selected Topics

JAPA 399- Independent Study

JAPA 421- Advanced Japanese III

JAPA 422- Advanced Japanese IV


KORE 221- Intermediate Korean I

KORE 222- Intermediate Korean II


PORT 201- Intermediate Portuguese

PORT 202- Intermediate Portuguese

PORT 301- Cultural Manifestations in Modern Brazil

PORT 309- Advanced Conversation and Composition

PORT 325- The Brazilian Modern Short Story

PORT 398- Selected Portuguese Topics

PORT 399- Independent Study


RUSS 201- Intermediate Russian I

RUSS 202- Intermediate Russian II

RUSS 280- Introduction to Russian Civilization

RUSS 298- Selected Topics

RUSS 301- Russian Conversation and Composition I

RUSS 302- Russian Conversation and Composition II

RUSS 316- Intensive Readings in Russian

RUSS 398- Selected Topics

RUSS 399- Independent Study

RUSS 401- Advanced Russian I

RUSS 402- Advanced Russian II

RUSS 598- Selected Topics in Russian


SPAN 209- Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 210- Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 300- Cultural Readings for Conversation

SPAN 301- Service Learning in Spanish

SPAN 305- Working with Hispanic Clients

SPAN 307- Advanced Oral Practice

SPAN 309- Advanced Spanish Language I

SPAN 310- Advanced Spanish Language II

SPAN 311- Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPAN 312- Introduction to Reading Spanish Literary Texts

SPAN 316- Business Spanish

SPAN 317- Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation

SPAN 350- Spanish Language Abroad

SPAN 375- Topics in Hispanic Cultures and Literatures

SPAN 380- Hispanic Film and Culture

SPAN 398- Selected Topics

SPAN 399- Independent Study

SPAN 400- Spanish Civilization

SPAN 401- Spanish American Civilization

SPAN 404- Literary Tendencies and Masterpieces of Spain

SPAN 405- Literary Tendencies and Masterpieces of Spanish America

SPAN 409- Introduction to Stylistics in Spanish

SPAN 410- Advanced Oral Communication for the Professions

SPAN 417- Advanced Spanish for Business and the Professions

SPAN 500- Contemporary Spain

SPAN 501- Contemporary Spanish America

SPAN 512- Advanced Writing and Research in Spanish Language Studies

SPAN 513- Introduction to Professional and Technical Translation

SPAN 515- Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

SPAN 516- The Structure of Modern Spanish

SPAN 517- Contrastive English-Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

SPAN 518- Introduction to Spanish Medieval Literature

SPAN 524- Renaissance and Golden Age Literature

SPAN 534- Nineteenth-Century Spanish Literature

SPAN 538- Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature

SPAN 541- Colonial Spanish-American Literature to Neoclassicism

SPAN 543- Spanish- American Literature from the Independence through Modernism

SPAN 550- Advanced Spanish Abroad

SPAN 555- Spanish-American Literature from Modernism through 1960

SPAN 557- Contemporary Spanish-American Literature


SWAH 201- Intermediate Swahili

SWAH 202- Intermediate Swahili

SWAH 399- Independent Study