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Academic Advisement

All student services programs for undergraduates in the Darla Moore School of Business are coordinated and administered through the Undergraduate Division of the college.

Academic Advisement

Academic advising for Moore School students is provided through a centralized framework. Professional advisors and administrators are available to business undergraduates on a year-round basis. Students may either walk-in or make an appointment to meet with an Advisor. Advisors are not assigned and students may select the Advisor they would like to work with or choose a first available Advisor. Academic Advisors coordinate advising activities, including educational planning toward meeting degree requirements, study abroad advisement, scheduling assistance and referrals to campus resources.

Advisors are also a resource to discuss the extensive opportunities for extracurricular and leadership activities available at the University of South Carolina and the Moore School. To enrich your college experience, our Advisors have compiled an undergraduate handbook which outlines our programs, opportunities and expectations for your success at the Moore School and beyond. Additionally, undergraduate Advisors work closely with the University of South Carolina Career Center and the Office of Career Management, where specialized career services are offered to business juniors and seniors.

General Advisement Information

Students meet with an Advisor during the formal advisement period before registration begins. All students are seen individually for advisement. Students are notified by postcard, Facebook,Twitter and by e-mail when it is time to sign up for Fall and Spring advisement appointments.

Registration for courses takes place after the formal advisement period is over. The University of South Carolina Registrar’s Office assigns each student an appointment date to register. Students may check their appointment time and register for courses at

Advisors are available Monday through Friday in BA Room 301. The Undergraduate Office is open from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., but the optimum times to meet with one of the advisors are from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and from  2-4:00p.m.

Advisors can also be contacted by phone or email but it would be preferred for you to meet with your Advisor if you have a complex issue or multiple questions.

 Phone: (803) 777-2191


 Fax: (803) 777-4342

Summer/Fall 2015 Registration Information and Tips for a Successful Registration Process

1) You must be advised before you can register for classes. Current BA students can schedule their advisement appointment online at Http:// or by calling the office at (803) 777-2191

2) Always include your VIP ID in communication with your Advisor.

3) Business courses are only available to business students until Friday, April 10. Beginning on Friday April 10, minors and other students who need the course in their degree may sign up for specific courses/sections.

4) MGMT 371 and MKTG 350 have sections specifically designated for business and non-business majors. Business majors will not be able to register for non-business sections and vice versa.

MGMT 371

  • BA only- 001, 003
  • Non-BA only- 002, 004            

MKTG 350

  • BA only- 001, 002, 004;
  • Non- BA only- 005, 006

5) FINA 466 is open ONLY to Real Estate majors open until April 10.

6) MGMT 478 section 003 is the case competition team. You must speak with an Advisor for special registration permission for this section.

7) Some colleges may hold their courses to majors only until a certain time.Minors can sign up after majors. Some of those colleges/majors include SPTE (open 04/13/15); HRTM (open 04/13/15); Journalism (open 04/15/15).

8) Always click the Blue CRN number of a course/section to see specific notes (for example- non-BA section only, etc). This may tell you why you cannot register for a section.

9)   If you get an error when registering, write down the error message ("field of study" "classification") so an Advisor can better assist you.

10) Business Advisors are not able to assist with registration into non-BA courses. You must contact those departments individually for overrides and restriction information.

11) If you need your major/minor coded to register for a class or an increase in your max number of credits for the fall, please call or come by the office.