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The Professional MBA program curriculum consists of 16 courses—nine core courses and seven electives. Electives in the Professional MBA program complement the core curriculum.  Since electives are scheduled later in the program sequence, it is not necessary for students to determine an area of interest when beginning the program. 

Professional MBA students may also earn a graduate certificate in business analytics while completing the program's coursework.  The certificate requires 12 credit hours (4 courses) that will also be applied to the elective portion of the program's curriculum.

Students may choose to focus on a business functional area such as finance, marketing, entreprenuership, and human resources and take electives in those areas.

Several optional 10-14 day study abroad experiences are available to Professional MBA students yearly. These three-credit courses provide students a chance to learn how business is done around the world as well as experience the culture of foreign countries.  Students visit with business executives, tour manufacturing facilities and attend government briefings during the trip.  Students may take up to two trips to count as electives.  Recent trips include: 

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Singapore
  • Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • Mozambique and Swaziland, South Africa

Electives in the Professional MBA program are available in two formats: 7-week term courses that meet one night per week and  immersion courses that meet 3-4 days over a 12-14 week timeframe (Fridays and/or Saturdays) on the USC Columbia campus.

2016 Immersion Courses

BADM 790   
Leadership Seminar                                                
BADM 790
Negotiation and Conflict Management in the Workplace
IBUS 703 International Management

Spring I Term 2016

BADM 790     
Global Profitability Frameworks
FINA 756
Financial Statement Analysis
IBUS 700
Survey of International Business
IBUS 701
International Financial Management
MGMT 778
Small Business Management
MGSC 778
Revenue Management
MKTG 708
Customer Relationship Management and Data Mining
MKTG 715 Pricing Strategy and Analysis

Spring II Term 2016

ACCT 741     
Special Legal Issues in the Workplace
IBUS 708
Doing Business Under a Foreign Legal System                
MGSC 779
Innovation and Design
MGSC 871
Global Sourcing: Strategy and Application
MKTG 705 Marketing Communications

Summer I Term 2015

ACCT 743     
Accounting for Management Control                                                  
BADM 790
Entrepreneurial Finance/Economics of Emerging Ventures
BADM 790
Strategic Dealmaking

Summer II Term 2016

ECON 503   
International Trade Economics
FINA 726
Financial Statement Analysis                            
IBUS 717
Managing Cross Border Teams
MGMT 777 Innovation and New Venture Analysis  
MKTG 705 Marketing Communications

MKTG 712 B2B Marketing  

Fall I Term 2016

ACCT 741    
Managing Risk in Multinationals                             
ECON 589   Competitiveness and the Sustainable Enterprise
FINA 761 Advanced Financial Management
MGMT 778 Small Business Management
MGMT 801 HR and the Global Firm
MGSC 777 Advanced Quantitative Methods in Business
MKTG 712 Business to Business Marketing
MKTG 717
Marketing Spreadsheet Modeling

Fall II Terms 2016

ACCT 743    
Investment Management
BADM 790
Entrepreneurship STC
IBUS 701
International Financial Management
IBUS 735
International Mergers and Acquisitions
MGSC 872 Project Management
MGSC 891
Data Resource Management
MKTG 704
Theory and Analysis of Consumer Behavior
MKTG 712
Business to Business Marketing