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Tuition & Fees

PMBA - Tuition and Fees

Professional MBA students are considered students of the USC Columbia campus regardless of the actual location where they attend classes. Students pay an hourly rate per course (every course is three credit hours).  Both residents and nonresidents of South Carolina pay the same hourly rate. The following fees and costs are subject to change without notice upon a Board of Trustees mandate.  

Other university fees not reflected below may apply.




Graduate Admission Application Fee $        100 $               100
USC Matriculation Fee (One-time fee)
            80                    80
PMBA Tuition (Per credit hour)           705
PMBA Banking Track Tuition (Per credit hour)             753                  753
USC Technology Fee (Per credit hour)             17                    17

PMBA Program
Cost Summary


USC Matriculation Fee (One-time fee)

$         80
Tuition (48 credit hours at $705 per credit)         33,840
USC Technology Fee (48 credits at $17 per credit)                             816
Course Materials and Resources
(Estimate of $200 per course - 16 courses)
 Grand Total $  37,936

Certain courses, such as the study abroad course "Exploring Global Business," may require additional fees/expenses for items such as travel and lodging.  Airfare for these trips is also the student's responsibility.

*Fees are subject to change without prior notice.  Fees above approved by USC Board of Trustees, July 2016.