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JD/ One-Year MBA

As business and law become increasingly interconnected, the Moore School of Business and the School of Law at the University of South Carolina offer a cross-disciplinary opportunity to pursue a joint JD/MBA program, while saving time by enrolling in both programs concurrently. Individuals first complete two years of law school before starting the MBA coursework , then take classes concurrently, and finally finish remaining coursework at the law school, completing the JD/MBA in 3 1/2 years.

With two great networks to connect with for career opportunities and the ability to differentiate yourself in a competitive job market, the JD/MBA is a logical choice for those wanting to combine a career in law and business.

"Through my interactions with experienced business professionals, research, and critical observations of the current economic climate, I recognize how the integration of business and law has reached a point where the two fields have often become inseparable. From this web of intermingled disciplines, I see an opportunity to market myself as an individual who understands the intrinsic business and legal factors that go into making critical business decisions."

-Christopher Haines
JD/MBA, 2014

JD/MBA Joint Degree Timeline*
  • Year 1: Law School (August-May) and summer clerkship(s) (May-August).
  • Year 2: Law School (August-May) and summer clerkship/internship (May-late June)
  • Year 3: Start MBA core at the Moore School (July-December). Take classes concurrently at the Moore School and Law School (January-May). Summer clerkship/internship (May-August). Take remaining classes at the Law School (August-December).
    *Typical JD/MBA timeline
Admissions Overview for JD/MBA 
  • Applicants should first be admitted into the JD program at the law school before applying to the MBA program. It is recommended that individuals apply to the MBA by the early fall of their second year of law school. Separate applications are required for each program.
  • A competitive GMAT or GRE score is required for admissions consideration into the MBA program.
  • Two-year of post-bachelors work experience is recommended for admissions consideration. Applicants to the joint degree program with strong undergraduate and law school GPAs, competitive GMAT or GRE scores, and clerkship/internship experience can be considered in lieu of the work experience requirement.
  • Learn more about Admissions Requirements and Tuition and Fees.